15 October 2005

Baltimore Marathon 2005.

Baltimore Marathon 2005.

up at 6 00 am to have a bagel with light cream cheese, and a big glass of ice water. pinned on my race number, put on my runner’s watch and knee brace, nike socks, laced up my shoes. threw on sweatpants and a long sleeved tshirt because it was chilly in the am. add yellow hat and i’m ready to go. husband had a bit more trouble getting out of bed, but we made it to the light rail (baltimore’s public transport) in plenty of time to catch it. left the apt at 6 45.

got to the race start/ runner’s village around 7:15. ran into the snails (my training group), took some group photos. james bought me a bottle of water, we broused the under armour tent. hit up the bathrooms (twice!) and walked to the start. james found my pace group (the 4:45ers), kissed me, congratulated me, and sent me on my way. gave him my sweatpants and tshirt. ready to go in my singlet and shorts.

race starts and i resisted the urge to go out fast. ran 1/2 mile, walked 1 minute… for pretty much the entire race. saw hubby at mile 6, mile 13, and mile 22 (my dad and a law school classmate — Chris/ WINNIE on CK!!) were at mile 22 as well — it passed right in front of our apartment). felt really great for first 10 miles. no aches, breathing easily, running strong and steady. saw my best friend at mile 9 and 11 (she brought me a brownie!). fort mchenry - beautiful. some very difficult hills, kept stride short and feet low to the ground. dumped a cup of water on my head at each water station. drank some gatorade at every other water stop with my water (about). “ate” my chocolate outrage GU twice on the course. had to pee at mile 2. great. ducked under a bridge. no shame.

one of the snails (my training group) met me at mile 20 to “run me in.” such a huge help, can’t even explain. she brought me water, GU, salt pills. felt nauseous around mile 21, 22. legs tight, butt sore, want to puke. didn’t. sue, my ‘runner in’ - kept me motivated. hearing eye of the tiger and seeing someone in a tiger suit around mile 22 was great. the spectators were fantastic — i scored some gummy bears. lots of cheering, you look great, run strong (didn’t like hearing: you’re almost there! … at mile 3.)

mile 24 — oh god, i’m almost there. still, last 2 miles were very hard. smart guy said: ‘we should do the last 2 miles first — they’re the hardest.’ amen. mile 25 — less than 15 minutes, i can do this. ran through camden yards, lots of cheering, started tearing up. sprinted (well, felt like sprinting) last 20 yards or so. crossed finish line at 4 44 and change (i just remember thinking, i made it under 4 45). didn’t get to the start line until 2 minutes after the start (happens when you’re behind the 5, 6, 7 8 9 minute milers!)… so, i estimate my time at 4 42ish.
crossed with a huge smile, heard my name on the loudspeaker (very cool), was hustled to the runner’s area. someone took off my ankle chip (nice job, i’m sure), got water and potato chips. cried a little, very emotional.

husband with a dozen red roses. dad with camera snapping away. Chris had sign: GOOD JOB (on one side, for all the runners) and GO TRISH on the other. very sweet, much appreciated.

lunch at the warf rat and i scarfed down a burger in record time. salt all over my body from the dried sweat. red metal around my neck. hobbling, doing the “marathoner’s shuffler.”
come home, balloons in apartment, chocolate brownie cake (yumyum) with numerical candles stuck in: 26 2.

feeling good, tired, felt sick before, but better now. loving my metal — it’s super.