31 January 2010

still here. still running !

haven't blogged in a while because I don't have a whole lot going on.

still doing
this challenge and it's going pretty well. I'm at 45/ 47 days and as long as I get in a few more double runs, I'll meet my goal. yay.

bundled up and went trail running this morning with some of my
beginnertriathlete.com buddies. It was a balmy 16* when I left my house and 21* when we started running. As usual, I wore too much and ended up shedding the hat, mittens, ear wamers, and neck gator halfway through. I always do that! It's just so tempting to overdress when it's really freaking cold. Next time: just the (thin) hat, and thin gloves (no more 'hot fingers' mittens).

I finally picked up Bella-the-tri-bike from the bike shop last week. It's been there since the beginning of December. whoops.

Still have yet to get in the pool or on the bike. teehee.

neat-o photo of the Cozy swim>

09 January 2010

runner girl

I haven't registered yet but I think I'm going to do the National Half Marathon. I haven't done a half mary since 2007 and I'd love to PR. I did the mary last year and really like the course.

Today I did my first double digit run since Cozy [and unlike the Cozy 26.2, this was an actual run. teehee]. It was in the high 20s and I was pretty warm until about mile five - even taking off my jacket - until, at mile 5.2ish, the wind really picked up ! After that I was much more comfortable. I did my familiar Butcher's Hill to
Fort McHenry and back. Love that part of the city.

Fun fact: Fort McHenry is the birthplace of the National Anthem: O say can you see, by the dawns early light, a large red, white and blue banner? Whose broad stripes and bright stars . . . were so gallantly streaming! over the star-shaped Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore, September 13-14, 1814. The valiant defense of the fort by 1,000 dedicated Americans inspired Francis Scott Key to write The Star-Spangled Banner.

history + running = neat-o!

1h 33m 02s 10.22 miles 09m 06s/Mi

I got home at 4:00 and left at 4:55 for a second run - solely for the purpose of another tally for the
100-runs-in-100-days challenge. This, my friends, was tough. It was cold and I was tired.

20m 22s 2.12 miles 09m 37s/Mi

When I got back from that I felt awful. 12+ miles when you haven't done more than 7 recently isn't terrible per se, but I just felt like poop. A couple advil, some water, a bubble bath, a bowl of soup, and a mug of hot black tea, though, and I'm all better.

I'm so happy to be training.

oh, my dad [finally!] sent me his Cozy photos. the one below is me finishing - on the jumbotron!

02 January 2010

brrrrrr + happy 2010 !

I am ready for spring. I am very ready for spring. I will not bitch about the heat. I will not bitch about the humidity.

I promise.

The cold I can tolerate but these winds ...wooooo-eeeee. I have a face mask and I might have to break it out. I just hate breathing while wearing it.

My 100-runs-in-100-days challenge is going pretty well. I am 16/ 19 and plan on getting in some (more) double runs as time permits.

I have yet to get in the pool or on my bike since Cozy. I have yet to even pick my bike up from the bike shop. I kind of miss swimming but I am a bit ashamed to say that I don't miss cycling.. that's probably because it would have to be on the trainer, and boo to the trainer. once spring comes (it will come, right?) I'll enjoy getting out there again.

happy 2010 , friends ! what does the year hold for you ?