24 February 2009

tbl wisdom + dreams.

tbl wisdom:

it was a long day. I had to drive to another county to be a 'special prosecutor' [we share prosecutors and judges with our sister county when there is a conflict of interest with a defendant]. turned into a gas station and didn't realize there was a low curb - and I busted open the transmission pan [?] and the fluid leaked everywhere.

to make a long-and-not-particularly-interesting-story short, it's "only" about $300. to get it fixed, my boss took me back to work, and my husband picked me up.

the worst part: I missed running with my running group.

so: to the gym I went at 8:00p to watch The Biggest Loser and run 5 mi.

[ 5.10 miles in 46m 55s // 09m 12s/Mi ]

Comment from one of the contestants to another, whose bottom was getting sore on the bike: don't worry, it goes numb after a while.

what is my butt going to feel like after seven hours on a bike?


I dream about tris and marathons a good 2-3x/week.

Although they aren't reoccuring dreams, they are very similar.

running related dreams: the run has 'obstacles' in it --- running up and down stairs in someone's house on the course, making an omlette in someone's kitchen, finding my way around an unmarked - or not well marked - course. sometimes I'm winning [that's how I should know it's a dream!].

last night I dreamt J and I were running a marathon together. --- but we were running it in an aerobics room - in place. I finished the last mile on a track.

tri related dreams: not having goggles at the start of a race, having to run through the woods/ trails to find my bike -- and my parents and sister and J were there and no one had a camera and they were all leaving to go on a boat ride around the island.

two nights ago I had a dream that I was on the Columbia tri course. I had finished the bike and was ready to go out on the run. we had to have a meeting before going out on a run -- and the run was to the turn around point of the bike course. and for my finish time they used my watch time.

[I do have to say that tri/ running dreams beat the pants off of Bar dreams]

what are your tri/ running dreams?

22 February 2009

[try to keep up]

sked called for 12 miles, but I ran out too far, so I ended up with an extra mile [d'oh!]:

13.10 miles in 1h 56m 23s // 08m 53s/Mi

rain + a little sleet. so tired of winter. spring: come on!

felt really good during the second half. I can't seem to pick it up until the second half of a run. understand that negative splits are good, but I think I should probably get in a 20-30 minute easy run before the start of the marathon.

oh, and I am almost 100 per cent sure I will be running with the 3:50:00 pace group.

National in t minus 3 wks + 6 d.s!

mile 1: 9:14
mile 2: 9:21
mile 3: 9:24 [slowest]
mile 4: 9:05
mile 5: 9:12
mile 6: 8:52
mile 7: 8:42
mile 8: 8:47
mile 9: 8:48
mile 10: 8:41
mile 11: 8:23 [fastest]
mile 12: 8:36
mile 13: 8:36

16 February 2009

totals 9 february through 15 sunday

swim: 3400.00 M in 1h 12m 02s
bike: 14.00 Mi in 47m
run: 37.32 Mi in 5h 34m 18s

total: 07h 33m 20s

15 February 2009

sunday's 20, and: which is worse?

first, which is worse: 3hrs on your feet at just over a 9 min mile pace, or seven minutes in an ice bath? I'll let you all ponder that.

20.05 miles in 3h 01m 56s // 09m 04s/Mi.

I decided to keep it all in the city again. to those of you to which this will make sense: from butcher's hill up to waverly, around lake montebello, down charles, through federal hill, finish through harbor east/ fells, and back up the side of the park.

I felt pretty good until mile 16-17 -- that's when the pain [not surprisingly] set in.

I'm listening to The Ivy Chrononicles, which is a fun listen. ... no sexy vampire family of course, but it'll do !

[Karen Quinn's The Ivy Chronicles is the amusing story of what happens when a New Yorker loses her job, her husband, and her ritzy Park Avenue pad and is forced to carve out a new niche for herself and her two private school-educated daughters. After transferring the girls to public school and renting a shabby-chic (at best) flat upstairs from a knicherie, Ivy Ames takes her billionaire friend Faith's advice and starts a consulting business to help privileged pre-schoolers get into the city's premier kindergartens.]

mile 1: 8:44
mile 2: 9:09
mile 3: 9:16
mile 4: 9:25
mile 5: 9:25
mile 6: 9:07
mile 7: 8:54
mile 8: 9:10
mile 9: 9:15
mile 10: 8:53
mile 11: 8:37 [fastest]
mile 12: 9:17
mile 13: 9:08
mile 14: 8:43
mile 15: 8:45
mile 16: 8:55
mile 17: 8:53
mile 18: 9:32 [slowest]
mile 19: 9:12
mile 20: 9:10

14 February 2009

vertigo + saturday 10.

Vertigo (from the Latin vertigin-, vertigo, "dizziness," originally "a whirling or spinning movement," from vertere "to turn"[1]) is a specific type of dizziness, a major symptom of a balance disorder. It is the sensation of spinning or swaying while the body is actually stationary with respect to the surroundings.

I woke up thursday morning and showered. I remember being a little unsteady during my shower, but attributed that to being tired. I don't remember the next part, but according to J., I couldn't get dressed. he said I stumbled around until he got up to help me, and then I knocked all of my jewelry off of my nighstand. after sleeping a good 8 hours, I went back to bed and slept from 7:30 am until 3:00 pm. ate, then back to bed until 9 pm. ate, then slept from 11 pm until 7 am friday morning.

after walking into some walls at work and spilling my diet coke at lunch, I decided to go to the doctor. he attributed it to vertigo, and after running some tests [I did the walk and turn, just like my defendants!] he sent me home. I felt great today, until a few hours after my run. the spinning/ uneasy/ 'off' / clumsy feeling returned. I got OTC medicine at the pharmacy, and that seems to help. what a pita.

[it doesn't seem to be harming my training though, which is good.]


what's NOT a pita? my run today! woo!

um, my sked said 10, but I got it stuck in my head that it was 12. I remembered that at mile 10 ... and still 2 mi from my house. nicely played.

12.05 miles in 1h 42m 57s // 08m 32s/Mi

The Infinit nutrition didn't work out so well .... I got a little crampy towards the end. think I'll stick with the Accelerade. splits good -- I am *definitely* getting faster, which is a huge ego booster :).

mile 1: 8:49
mile 2: 8:52
mile 3: 9:31 [slowest]
mile 4: 8:16
mile 5: 8:23
mile 6: 8:33
mile 7: 8:26
mile 8: 8:30
mile 9: 8:03 [fastest!]
mile 10: 8:31
mile 11: 8:16
mile 12: 8:24

13 February 2009

foto friday + foster kittens.

in honor of NikeMom's foto Friday:

J. and Hermione ^^ .

J. and I foster kittens from our local shelter [the same place where we volunteer -- and where we adopted two of our cats]. we've had as few as two and as many as five [!] foster kittens. we get them when they're about 1 month old, and keep them until they are at least 8 weeks old + 2.2 lbs. we also play with them, hold them, get them adjusted to being pets. we do get attached - of course - but once they start climbing the shower curtain [and your pant's leg!] it's not so difficult. I'd estimate we've had about 25 kittens come through our care. <3>

08 February 2009

weekend running.

I ran and ran every day, and I acquired a sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never, give up, no matter what else happened. Wilma Rudolph, US track star


6.09 miles in 56m 33s // 09m 17s/Mi

met with my running group at 10a for an easy six followed by... brunch! we finished at a local diner, where I most thoroughly enjoyed coconut french toast with mango slices.

a most wonderful way to run - with a great group of people and ending with french toast.


12.05 miles in 1h 47m 06s // 08m 53s/Mi

I don't know why this wasn't a great run. It should have been -- great weather [lows 50s, clear skies, light breeze], shorter long run. I just never really got into a groove. splits are good, minus mile 9 [wtf]. guess they can't all be inspirational awesome loving it runs. most important is that 12 were planned - 12 are done!
mile 1: 8:52
mile 2: 9:02
mile 3: 9:07
mile 4: 8:54
mile 5: 8:43
mile 6: 8:48
mile 7: 8:52
mile 8: 8:35
mile 9: 9:52 [?]
mile 10: 8:35
mile 11: 8:34
mile 12: 8:49

totals 2 feb through 8 feb.

semi-recvoery week.

swim: 3500.00 M in 1h 09m 56s
bike: 29.00 Mi in 1h 35m 06s
run: 28.51 Mi in 4h 19m 26s

total time: 07h 04m 28s

06 February 2009

foto friday.

in honor of NikeMom's Foto Friday:

this is aggie. her full name is aggie meowskins furhona cecil, and she also goes by aggie meowzers, princess meowskins, and aggersons.
I grew up with dogs and never liked cats, but I wanted a furry pet during law school and the fish didn't like to be touched. we didn't have time or space for a dog, and so a cat it was.
J and I went to the local shelter (where we volunteer and foster kittens through now) "just to look." we fell in love with "Tara" (previous-previous name: Peaches), a Hurricane Katrina rescue who recently arrived at the shelter -- and promptly adopted her.
we left with her that evening, heading first to PetSmart to pick up the essentials. we didn't see her for the first two weeks at her new home. she hid under the bed and only came out during the day to eat, drink, and use her litter box. poor little thing was scared and shaken up.
she's still a skittish little thing, but she's come out of her proverbial shell to become our loving aggie meowskins. <3

03 February 2009

leaving on a jetplane.

Thank you for flying US Airways.

Your purchase is now complete and your reservation has been electronically ticketed. No paper tickets will be sent. For customer assistance, please call 800-428-4322.

Passport requirements have changed for one or more of the cities in this itinerary. Please be advised of new requirements for travelers to your destinations.

2 Passenger(s)
Taxes & Fees$213.40
Grand Total$789.40

26NOV: Baltimore ----> Charlotte -----> Cancun [taxi to Cozumel]
02DEC: [taxi to Cancun] ----> Cancun -----> Charlotte -----> Baltimore.

01 February 2009

20 miles on frozen pavement.

I woke up and debated where to run. I knew the trail would be frozen and although I just bought YakTrax I didn't feel like driving thirty minutes out to run on ice. Call the whaaaambulance, I know.

As much as I normally detest long runs through the city - the rude comments, the hills, the stoplights, the lack of space to get in any decent mileage - I decided to do my 20 out there today. I mapped out my run on Gmaps Pedometer to make sure I'd get in enough distance [v. few things more annoying that realizing you are two miles from home and need to get in four more miles].

Checked the weather - mid 30s! a heatwave! blue sky! no jacket needed! and got dressed. Wore UA coldgear tights, UA coldgear base layer, thin gloves, and light hat [the gloves would come off at mile 3 and stay off]. Threw on my six bottle fuel belt - with three GUs - and headed out.

The first few miles were - as usual - slow. [I normally don't warm up before a marathon or half, but I think I will run a couple miles before National to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping]. I felt good after mile three or four, though.

20.05 miles in 3h 05m 21s // 09m 14s/Mi.

mile 1: 9:18
mile 2: 9:55
mile 3: 9:47
mile 4: 9:20
mile 5: 9:09
mile 6: 9:11
mile 7: 9:28
mile 8: 9:00
mile 9: 9:45
mile 10: 9:26
mile 11: 9:05
mile 12: 8:58
mile 13: 9:00
mile 14: 9:04
mile 15: 9:01
mile 16: 9:08
mile 17: 8:57
mile 18: 9:07
mile 19: 9:03
mile 20: 9:15

next week's long run is a break: 12 mi. whew!

totals 26 january through 1 february.

swim: 2000.00 M in 42m

bike: 29.30 Mi in 1h 30m 14s

run: 39.75 Mi in 6h 01m 39s

total time: 08h 13m 53s