28 April 2009


[I almost didn't write this]

a list of all the gross things [I] we runners + triathletes do while training/ racing/ recovering:

  1. snot rockets on run
  2. peeing on the side of the road
  3. using the bathroom of a fancy resturant while wearing sweaty runners clothes
  4. wiping nose on shirt
  5. inhaling food at super(wo)man speeds
  6. peeing in the pool/ lake/ ocean/ river
  7. spitting in goggles
  8. snot rockets on bike
  9. chafing
  10. getting Body Glide in every nook and cranny. in transition.
  11. discussing saddle sores. in public.
  12. checking the color of your pee
  13. blisters
  14. blood blisters
  15. toenails. or lack thereof
  16. not showering after a 7 pm run because I'll have to shower anyhow after the 5:30 am swim

any that I missed ?

26 April 2009

totals 20 april - 26 april

swim: 6200.00 M in 2h 17m 20s
bike: 62.30 Mi in 3h 56m 21s
run: 22.41 Mi in 3h 29m 03s

total training time: 09h 42m 44s

25 April 2009

tagged ! by a certain running fool.

eight things to which I am looking forward
IM Cozumel
2/ starting a family
3/ laura's wedding
Columbia Tri
5/ buying a new dress
6/ the next batch of foster kittens
7/ James coming home from work today
8/ my swim this evening

eight things I did yesterday
1/ took the fish out of the tank, put them in a bowl, and then found them - dead - in the sink. cat's fault
2/ cleaned the house
3/ took off work
4/ took the foster kittens to get shots
5/ bought ridiculous bachelorette goodies from Spencer Gifts
6/ wore a sparkly tank top
7/ had dinner at
Pazo [fancy!]
8/ enjoyed a fabulous night out with my girlfriends

eight things I want to do / wish I could do
1/ qualify for boston
2/ be a really really good lawyer
3/ run the following: New York, Chicago, Big Sur, London, Paris
4/ be a really really good wife
5/ buy
these shoes
6/ be more patient
7/ get a library card
8/ slow down [in life, not races]

eight shows I watch
1/ the office
2/ family guy
3/ futurama
4/ sex and the city
5/ maryland basketball
6/ law & order svu
7/ rock of love
8/ jeopardy

eight people I've tagged:
the running fool

19 April 2009

totals 13 april - 19 april

swim: 4300.00 M in 1h 36m 05s
bike: 65.80 Mi in 3h 48m 50s

run: 26.94 Mi in 4h 01m 41s

total training: 09h 26m 36s

14 April 2009

totals 05 april - 11 april

swim: 4900.00 M in 1h 42m 04s

bike: 60.50 Mi in 3h 25m

run: 21.74 Mi in 3h 23m 15s

total training time: 08h 30m 17s

11 April 2009

change of plans.

I've been following the Half Ironman 20 week program from BT.com. It's been too much. It averages about 800 minutes (13.3 hours)/ week, and maxes out at 1000 hours (16.66 hours)/ week. It's too much for me. I know my IM training program will bring me above that, but I am just not there yet.

I decided to switch to
Olympic to HIM bridge - 12 week program. It doesn't start for me until 04/20, so I think I will do the first week 2x.

green - bike
yellow - run
purple - swim
red - strength

This plan averages between 8 hours/ week and 13 hours/ week. I am feeling much more comfortable with this plan. It will still be a challenge but will not be impossible for me to complete. It's demoralizing to see myself so far under my weekly goals.

I feel better.

08 April 2009

the answer to 'how long is an IM?' often elicits gasps of disbelief from people [often with 'and you are PAYING to this?!'].

and although the day will be, I'm sure, long and exhuasting and full of emotion, it's the getting there that's true test of endurance. the training is the cake and the race is the icing.

a marathon is a long, hard [thatswhatshesaid] race, but there is support: there are other runners, there are volunteers, people playing music from their houses, little kids offering high fives. a 20 mile training run, on the other hand, offers none of that. the training runs are often harder than the race.

last night I met with an old friend for dinner. I planned on getting my workout done in the morning, but, well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. dinner was a cheeseburger + fries [with the most delightful cinnamon seasoning!] and then I had to hit the gym. pool closes at 9:30, gym closes at 10:00. dinner ended at 7:30 and there wasn't time to sit and let all that food digest.

the swim:
2400.00 meters in 52m 21s // 02m 11s /100 meters
400 wu

8 x 25 easy/ hard
12 x 100:
75 easy - 25 hard
50 easy - 50 hard
25 easy - 75 hard
100 hard
^^ x 3
300 kick
300 wd

then: get out of the pool, racoon eyes with goggles marks, natch, and changed into a shirts, shorts, and running shoes for-

the run:
4.64 miles in 45m // 09m 42s/Mi
15 min wu

20 min hills
10 min cd

[that damned delicious cheeseburger sat like a rock at the bottom of my stomach through most of the workout.]

I was the last one to leave the gym. this, to me, is what training is about. it's about the very unglamourous, the ugly, the tired, the pushing through when you don't want to push through anymore.

reminds me of:
it's just ten percent luck/
twenty percent skill/
fifteen percent concentrated power of will/
five percent pleasure/
fifty percent pain/
and a hundred percent reason to remember the name.
[Mike Shinoda - Remember The Name]

05 April 2009


[you pervs ! I know what you're thinking]

t.i.t.s. = time in the saddle and I, my friends, need more of it !

I rode outside today for the first time since I raced, erm, completed
Savageman September 08. I've spent a decent amount of time in the trainer but nothing compares to riding outside.

the plan was to ride
the Columbia course twice.
then the plan was to ride Columbia once and
the Irongirl course once.
and then ... riding Columbia - once - was enough.

it's no Savageman, but it's a tough ride:

considering that I haven't ridden outside in 6+ months I'm happy with my ride. An older guy drafted off of me for one of the early hills and thanked me for it. hey, no problem buddy, glad to help!

I used
Infinit for the first time today and was pleased with it. No GI issues and it went down well. I need to practice drinking while riding - anyone have any tips? My bike has a small frame so the water bottles are jammed in there and they are hard to get out.

[and next week I will ride that course ^^ 2x !... or at least that 1x and IG 1x]

totals 30 march - 5 april

swim: 4400.00 M in 1h 34m 44s
bike: 52.90 Mi in 3h 21m 22s
run: 15.01 Mi in 2h 16m 09s

total: 07h 11m 15s

04 April 2009

delightful swim + sunny run

nothing beats the feeling of a great swim.

[unfortunantly, that feeling has a cost: dragging ass out of bed at o'dark o'clock and leaving a warm bed for a cold pool.]

yesterday morning I had an amazing swim [after the not-so-amazing feeling of getting out of bed]:
2800.00 meters in 1h 00m //28s 02m 10s /100 meters
400 wu
3 x 200
8 x 25 kick
4 x 100
8 x 25 kick
5 x 50
100 easy
6 x 75 pull
200 cd

I love having a training program to follow -- it saves me from having to one of the four swim workouts I usually do.

this afternoon's run:
5.19 miles in 45m 08s // 08m 42s/Mi

good news: glorious weather - low 60s, sunny, blue skies.
better news: little to no foot pain !

tomorrow I will ride Columbia. I was going to ride it today but it was really windy --- and I haven't been outside on my bike since September. hilly course + wind + nervous rider = bad idea.

*trust the training, trust the plan*