20 April 2010

Ironman to..

Ironmomma !

I've been quiet because J and I didn't tell anyone except family during the first trimester. I'm out of that and feeling better [still exhuasted] and excited for this next big adventure.

found out February 13-> B.F.P. (big fat positive) O.M.G! >

early sonogram [aka "blob with a heartbeat"]>

almost 12 weeks and starting to resemble a little person>

due: October 17, 2010
can find out the sex in about a month
am currently 14 weeks.

pregnancy goals:
> don't be too hard on myself. making a little person is tough work !
> 150-200 minutes of exercise/ week
> remember that all movement is good movement !

... and then?

tri/ running goals [times + dates tbd]:
> qualify for Boston [3:40:59]
> run Boston
> sub 6 hr HIM [did 6:00:25 last year, soclose!]
> more involved in my local tri club
> volunteer at road races/ tris
> sub 1:45 half mary
> another IM?! [this will be a few years, I'm sure, but I am definitely interested in that journey at least one more time...]