07 January 2013

a woman with a plan.

so 2012 is over and we are 7 days into 2013. I'm pretty happy with my running in 2012 but I'm ready to ramp it up a bit in 2013 [because I may be, um, out for a bit in 2014, if all goes as planned ;)]

in 2012, I:
.. started off with the Penguin Pace 5k and just made my goal of breaking 25:00 [came in at 24:59!]
.. broke 50 minutes at the Presidents Day 10K and then had pancakes. mmmm pancakes.
.. ran the Clyde's 10k [awesome local race] and kept the same pace -- on a hilly course, on a hot day -- that I did at the Penguin Pace 5k a few months earlier (progress!) and had a most delicious brunch post race
.. DNF'd my first race [and it was ugly]
.. ran the Potomac River Run Marathon as my "comeback marathon" [almost as ugly, but at least I crossed the finish line]
.. made a new running friend [met on beginnertriathlete.com] and did a few runs with her
.. ran both the Baltimore and Annapolis 10 Milers and was happy with my race at both
.. ran the Police Pace with a few coworkers and howard county police
..  ran a half marathon (Hershey Park Half Marathon] through the hills of Hershey, PA, and unfortunately didn't enjoy the chocolate station at mile 11 [stomach too iffy at that point] but did enjoy the the beautiful course and the day before at the park with my family.

.. ran the turkey chase 10k at camp letts and was happy with my time and my mental effort [broke 50 again.. this time on a tough course, half trails]
.. was happy for James + toddler H, who placed second in the "stroller" division of the turkey chase 5k, and won a free oil change! (this is our second year running as a family :))

.. learned that a Sminoff vodka promotion, greasy food, dry desert air, and a night time start do not really add up to a great race, but I still finished in not a too terrible time [1:53:something] at Rock N' Roll Vegas Half Marathon

.. and ran 1716.41 Mi 
.. in 273h 34m 29s 

so, 2013.

so far, I am registered for a few races: Penguin Pace 5k [break 23:30?], Pikes Peek 10k [nope, didn't misspell 'peek' - it's a downhill race (point to point) on Rockville Pike.. PR course], and B&A Trail half marathon.

and then, while online, reading race reports... I started feeling the marathon itch. and I've been avoiding that distance because it's already tough balancing work and family but I know I can do if I manage my time smartly. I just love the distance. I probably won't do Pfitz again - too much of a time commitment - but Higdon's intermediate or advanced plan is doable. the only big time commitment that I don't already have is the weekend long run, and once the sun starts coming up earlier, I can get a lot of it done before H - and James! - are even awake.

I wanted to do Chicago, but we can't swing it financially (three air fares, hotel etc) so I decided on Marine Corps Marathon. I ran it in 2005 [was that really 8 years ago?!] and loved it. MCM fills up quickly, but if you register for the 17.75k and finish it [march 23, a week after B&A half, so that may not be pretty but I know I can finish it], you have a guaranteed entry into the marathon. sounds like a plan.

and as for a goal time? I'm really not sure yet. I have the B&A half early this year, so that should give a guideline of where I am and where I can realistically expect to be.

[although let's be honest, I want to go sub 4 for the third time!]

and even though this is not a mommy blog, I'd like to share with you all a photo of my handsome little boy