15 August 2016

Baltimore Freedom 10K

[This is late.]

I was looking for a flat(er, ish) 10K course than my usual Arbutus Firecracker 10K. I found a (new?) race in Baltimore that fit the bill. Baltimore is a hillier city than most people expect but this is a four lap course around Druid Hill lake. I convinced my friend and coworker Jen (with one 'n') to also race, and we decided on the always delicious Miss Shirley's for a post race breakfast.

My goal going into the race was this:

I got to the race really early, parked, got my packet, found Jen, and then warmed up: 15 minutes easy, dynamic drills (found a secluded area so no one could see me sprint bopping and grapevining and skipping backwards). Chatted with Jen for 15 minutes, then a(nother) trip to the bathroom, 4 strides, and finally, time to start.

The 10K racers got lined up and ran a very short out and back before heading up Druid Lake. I used to run there regularly -- when I first started law school and James and I lived in Bolton Hill. It blows my mind that that was TWELVE years ago.

The course was 4 loops around the lake. I'm a fan of looped/ out and back courses.

I saw two women ahead of me at the beginning of the race. I passed one fairly quickly, and then the second about half a mile into the race. Another woman came up and passed me, and I kept her in my sights for the first couple of miles. I was able to catch up with her, then run with her, and then pass her about halfway through the race. HOLY CRAP I AM THE FIRST FEMALE *

(* yes, I know this was a very [very very very very] small race!).

I was so happy to hit mile six and turn off the lake and toward the finish line. I was so excited and was checking that I was the first female, and when I checked the computer... third in my AG. HUH? I didn't see any other women in front of me.

(Turns out the first two women "ahead" of me only did three laps).

I was happy with my time (not my fastest 10K EVER, but my PR is on a downhill course, so let's call this a PR, shall we?) but didn't realize how nicely I paced it until I checked my splits:

Pretty sweet negative splits !

First overall female, fifth overall !

I got my metal and Jen and I went to Miss Shirley's, where we both ate the following (picture does not do it justice. It was amazing. AH-MAY-ZING):

 Awarded Best Breakfast Sandwich in America

And then, look what came in the mail!

[I told you, it was a really small race. And it was the inaugural race].