08 February 2010

snow-m-g 2010.

or: snowgasm 2010
or: snopocolypse 2010

or: snover it!

we aren't used to getting much snow here in Maryland. the whole State shuts down at 2 inches, so you can imagine how we're dealing with the 30 inches dumped on us over the weekend, and the additional 12-20" we are currently getting. I worked Monday and Tuesday, and I'm actually grateful for that (despite my bitching) ... it put off cabin fever for a it.

anyhow, I strapped on the yaktrax and headed out into the city. I got a lot of girl, you are Crazy looks (to be expected). The snow was beautiful and I was able to run in the middle of the road - practically no cars because it's now illegal to drive unless you are an emergency state vehicle.

it's not very cold but the wind ! whew - biting and strong. I ran into the wind on the way out and with it on the way back. I kind of enjoy running in the snow but it's hard to get in any significant mileage.

now, spring, if you could kindly make an appearence, I would be much obliged !

yay for my waterproof/ freezeproof/ shockproof camera !

patterson park pagoda ^
running down president's street ^

at the Inner Harbor ^

yaktrax prints ^ [greatest. invention. ever]

Pier 5/ Inner Harbor ^

running down eastern ave ^