31 October 2009

october is over + 28 things.

Biggest. Month. Ever.

swim> 27514.8 M in 9h 41m 49s
bike> 499.2 Mi in 34h 13m 53s
run> 123.54 Mi in 19h 01m 41s

total training time> 62h 57m 23s

and now, in honor of being 28 (!) days out:

1. long run today: 18.06 miles in 2h 48m 56s [09m 21s/Mi]. legs + feet starting hurting around mile 16. turned off my iPod at mile 12ish to practice remembering my "Best Moments" and "Mantras"... and kept it off for the rest of the run. really enjoyed running without it!
2. finally feel really comfortable changing flats. whew.
3. there is currently a box of chocolate pop tarts and 3 PayDays in my house. Must. Not. Eat. Until. Race. Day.
4. currently wearing my compression socks. alas, they are not the awesome looking Zoot ones... but for $50 cheaper, I'll keep my Rite Aid old-lady ones.
5. my house needs to be cleaned. will save this for taper madness so I have something to do.
6. getting REALLY REALLY excited.
7. filled out my Time Prediction Worksheet (dream and actual] AND my Spectator Meeting Places Worksheet, and emailed both to my family.
8. Ice baths aren't so bad - once you actually GET into them.
9. I wonder how much money I've spent on Infinit over the past few months.
10. think I tweaked something in my left knee today.. it's sore but gets better when I move.
11. going to be the Morton's salt girl for Halloween.
12. can't get too drunk tonight [I haven't been drunk in a Really Long Time] because tomorrow is a 90 minute ride and 4000M swim.
13. have eaten more McDonalds in the last few months than I have in my life... for rides over 80 miles, it's the way to go.
14. found a neighbor to feed our cats while we're gone. Phew.
15. currently watching The Wedding Signer.
16. need to figure out how to get my Ironman Timex watch to beep every 12 minutes.
17. am going to get a massage next week - one of my tri buddies just graduated from massage school !
18. am considering getting a hot stone massage. pricey but I think I'll really love it.
19. going to buy the
desoto arm coolers. have heard AH-MAY-ZING things about them ... super excited.
20. buying new running shoes today. am close to 400 miles on my current pair.
21. confirmed my hotel reservation, but had a momentary freak out when they couldn't find my reservation. turns out I made it through the hotel directly and the general confirmation people didn't have it. phew.
22. still on the fence about an mDot tat.
23. not on the fence about the mDot necklace from Big Island Jewlewers, which I have oh-so-subtely emailed to my husband, with link, natch.
24. holy eff I'm really going to do an Ironman.
25. I'm really going to miss this process when it's over.
26. borrowing a bike box from a friend - need to pick that up soon.
27. what will I do with all of my free time after the race?

28 October 2009

what do we do we swim we swim

I woke up this morning and seriously considered taking a personal day. I'm not in court again until next week, and I just. wanted. to. sleep.
[I decided to go, figuring I should save some of my leave.]

I was a walking zombie all day [hope my boss isn't reading!]. Hours of s/b/r are taking their toll. On the way home I gave serious consideration to making today my rest day.. getting home, throwing on sweats and an old race tshirt, and going to sleep. for a long time.
but: I sucked it up - htfu and all of that - and schlepped to the pool.
glad I did, too: I had a great swim.

I normally average 2:00/ 100. tonight's swim:

3000.00 meters in 56m 52s// 01m 54s /100 meters [sweet average pace]

WU: 200
1,000 time trial> 18:17
pace> 1:50/100 !
500 pull with paddles.
2x: - 200 yd free w/ 20" rest - 150 yd free w/ 15" rest - 100 w/ 10" rest - 50 w/ 1' rest
CD: 300

thirty-one days. bring it!

and look how neato: wordle.net ! [I put in my blog feed and it came up with this:]

25 October 2009

nerd alert!

nerd alert!

I don't miss most of law school. It was stressful and time consuming ... and the ever lurking Bar got closer each year (that's Bar as in Maryland State Bar Exam, not bar as in fun place to drink).

However. The one thing I do miss is the organizing. I heart organizing. I heart binders and colored tabs and cross referencing. Yes, I am a nerd.

This actually translates pretty well to IM preparation. I only have 2 weeks left of training before tapering (freakout moment but let's put that aside for the moment, mmmkay?) so lately I've been focusing on the logistical aspects of the race.

I bought
IronPlanner and have been reading it. I printed out the worksheets that the writer emailed to me... and yes, put them in a binder. Also in the binder? hotel confirmation, race confirmation, flight information, general "to do" list of stuff that pops into my head. Also need to photocopy licenses and passports and add those to The Binder.

Back to IronPlanner... pretty neat [yes, if you are a geek like me]. The worksheets: visualization, race slices [breaking the race up into small slices], best moments [from life, to draw on when things get hard], inspiration [Team Hoyt, Chrissie Wellington.. ideas for more?], mantra, race day theme, battle [drawing the fatigue monster and a plan to fight him], magic [magic strength to put into your body], spectator meeting places [where I think I'll be when], travel [contacts for hotel, flight, etc], time prediction, race plan, bags - swim, bike, run, SN bike, SN run, finish line.

I've heard from more than one person that this day will be as much a mental battle as a physical battle, and I want to be prepared.


80 mi ride on the Eastern Shore and 2.35 mi run brick. lots of headwind but that's good practice for Cozumel. Feeling very comfortable in aero.

ride> 80.80 miles in 5h 00m // 16.16 Mi/hr
run> 2.35 miles in 20m 08s // 08m 34s/Mi

this week

swim: 5000.00 M in 1h 41m 01s
bike: 130.60 Mi in 8h 33m 59s
run: 15.94 Mi in 2h 23m 57s
total training time: 12h 38m 57s


34 days !

22 October 2009

lists of to-do lists.

36 days out. is that possible? I remember when it was more than a year out, then exactly one year out, then: this year, then 6 months, 5, 4, 3, 2... now we're at 5.5 weeks. holy bejeezus.

the training is pretty much on track, and tonight I started obessing over the logistics. I renamed the "training/ racing" category in my Palm to "Ironman Cozumel" and added the following:

> buy new tire
> buy extra tubes
> print out worksheets from IronPlanner
> order more Infinit
> make binder for all IM docs (registration, hotel, plane, etc)
> bike jersey
> new running shoes
> make tune up/ pack up appointment with Race Pace
> make general to-pack list
> make swim packing list
> make bike packing list
> make run packing list
> make SN bike bag
> make SN run bag
> buy cell phone that will work in Mexico
> make packets for family (time estimates, where I'll be when, etc.)

last night I had an odd + unsettling dream: I was doing an IM distance AquaVelo. I got out of the pool (yes, pool swim), and headed into the locker room to change for the bike. Realized when I got there that I only did one mile of the swim, so I went back to finish. When I got out of the pool everyone was out on the bike. I started the bike but couldn't find my helmet, and by the time I grabbed (stole?) someone else's it was getting really late so I quit. I was so mad at myself because I knew my training graphs would be off.

Yes, we are definitely getting closer to race day !

19 October 2009

totals 10/12 - 10/18 and wacky weekend workouts

swim: 7200.00 M in 2h 30m 07s
bike: 111.30 Mi in 8h 07m 21s
run: 29.18 Mi in 4h 29m 16s
total training time: 15h 06m 44s

the sked called for a long ride, but mother nature apparently did not get the memo. it was raining, 40s, and windy ... hardly ideal biking weather.

creativity and good company to the rescue! my friend deb (right) and debbie (left)got together at deb's house. deb put out an aid station -- with Gatorade, water, cut up PB&J sammies, and double stuffed oreos. we did: 1 hour really hard spinerval DVD, 1 hour "scenic" spiveral DVD, and then 2 hours of He's Just Not That Into You. took a break every hour or so so refuel and change the DVD. it was tough - mentally and physically - but doing it with training buddies made it so much more enjoyable.

55.30 miles in 4h 00m // 13.83 Mi/hr

here we are after the ride:


2h 30m run planned. I was planning on going to the NCR trail but had to be home early to shower and get to a surprise party, so city run it was. I wore tights, thin short sleeved tshirt, and light jacket. perfect. it was drizzly/ misty but no driving rain.

left at 7:40 am and meanered around Canton, Fells Point, into the Inner Harbor.. when I was getting into Federal Hill another runner asked me what I was training for.. we got to talking (he was training for the NCR marathon, hoping to BQ) and ran the next 7 or so miles together. so nice to have company and I did my faster miles with him.

Recovered with Recoverite and an ice bath.

17.25 miles in 2h 38m 41s // 09m 12s/Mi

mile 1: 9:32
mile 2: 9:57
mile 3: 9:49
mile 4: 9:43
mile 5: 9:23
mile 6: 9:34
mile 7: 9:15
mile 8: 9:18
mile 9: 8:40
mile 10: 8:37
mile 11: 9:00
mile 13: 8:46
mile 13: 8:48
mile 14: 8:59
mile 15: 9:17
mile 16: 9:17
mile 17: 8:32

16 October 2009

foto friday

hosted by the running fool, I present to you

foto friday

catone. (pronounced Kah-TONE-eh) she's special

poe (brown tabby) pretends she needs to be packed for Columbia.

aggie tries to sneak her way to Savageman HIM

15 October 2009

a day in the life

[of an ironman-to-be, with a fair amount of paid leave (yay government)]

5:20 am: alarm goes off. too tired to do swim + run. hit snooze.
5:20 am - 6:00 am: repeat hitting snooze.
6:00am: realize that I am not getting up anytime soon. turn off alarm.
7:00 am: wake up.
7:05 am: make decision to take the day off.
7:07 am: email the powers that be, re: 8 hours of annual leave.
7:10 am - 7:45 am: piss around on the internet.

8:00 am - 1:30 pm: nap.
(yes, you read that correctly)
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm: laundry, piss around on the internet, straighten up the house.

3:15 pm - 5:15 pm: bike trainer.
29.00 miles in 2h 06m 06s // 13.80 Mi/hr.
watched DVR'd tv: The Biggest Loser (one and half episodes), America's Next Top Model, some of Ellen.
listened to Kayne's cover of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" during commercials and really pushed it. felt great giving it my all. thought a lot about the finish line at IM Cozy.

5:15 pm - 6:00 pm: recover. shovel pancakes into my mouth at an alarming rate.
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm: take neighbor to friendly local running store so she can get running shoes.
7:40 pm: debate not going to gym.

7:50 pm: leave for gym.
8:00 pm - 8:30 pm: treadmill run: 3.36 miles in 30m // 08m 56s/Mi
8:40 pm - 9:15 pm: swim 1900.00 meters in 41m 50s // 02m 12s /100 meters.

9:30 pm - current: home, shower, finish laundry, eat.

tomorrow: rest day !

12 October 2009

civista potomac heritage bicycle tour

civista potomac heritage bicycle tour by the numbers:

miles rode: 102.5
time it took to ride said miles: 6h 44m 15s
average pace: 15.21 Mi/hr
time left baltimore: 5:30 am
paydays eaten: 2
calories of Infinit: 1250
granola bars: 1
stops by the water: 1
friends that came to ride with me: 2
Amish boys seen: 1
times I thought where the fcuk is the finish line: 8
wrong turns: 1
times motorcycle tour blazed by: 2
talks about "girlie stuff": 3
temperature at start: 50*F
times I thought I need to invest toe warmers: 12
mile at which I panicked, thought I can't do this anymore: 83
slices of pizza eaten at post race party: 1
hamburgers eaten at post race party: 1
hot dogs eaten at post race party: 1
number of mini cups of trail mix eaten at the 73 mi rest stop: 2
on a scale of 1-10, the post race massage: 10
fell asleep: 9:00 pm

[from the website]
Riders will leave La Plata starting at 7:00 am and pass through historic Port Tobacco and climb a short hill to a spectacular view from Chapel Point. The longer routes continue along lightly travelled back roads with rest stops throughout. The century route then heads through Amish country to Leonardtown. Cyclists will return to La Plata to the Crossing at Casey Jones, where they will enjoy an after-ride party with food and entertainment.


totals 10.05 through 10.11
IM training week 12
swim> 4114.80 M in 1h 30m 47s [1 workout]
bike> 135.00 Mi in 9h 05m 05s [3 workouts]
run> 27.22 Mi in 4h 09m 23s [4 workouts]

total training time> 14h 45m 15s

07 October 2009

52 days out musings [in list form]

52 days out ... that's:
.14 years
7.43 weeks
1,248 hours
74,880 minutes
4,492,800 seconds.

1. training has been going pretty well.
1a. I am exhuasted and hungry most of the time, but I think that's pretty normal.
2. no injuries and that is always good.
3. peeked my schedule for next week: 2 hours biking monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday.
3a. (whoooaaboy need to DVR a lot of good tv.)
4. another
century coming up this weekend.
4a. (the morning after a wedding).
4b. (I will be the DD).
4c. (I will still be exhuasted).
5. love that a majority of my runs go by water.
6. "The Office" wedding is tomorrow ! swooooon.
7. white handlebar tape was a bad idea.
8. the race seems too soon
9. ... but also too far away.
10. I swam 4500 yards on Tuesday.
10a. tougher mentally than physically.
11. bought and am listening to
Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.
12. it's getting darker earlier and that makes me unhappy.
13. I bought
ironplanner. looking forward to using it
14. along the lines of sentences that start with "I bought..."

desoto 400 mile shorts ^^

speedo vanquishers ^^

blue seventy goggles ^^
15. took today off work to do everything I've been meaning to do but haven't had time thanks to 5+ hour bike rides: hair cut, hair color, laundry, grocery shopping, manicure, pedicure, clean house, water plants.

04 October 2009

totals and to-do

IM week 11 training:

in the water> 4200.00 M in 1h 30m 09s
on bella> 87.80 Mi in 6h 00m 13s
in my asics> 28.20 Mi in 4h 24m 34s

total training time> 11h 54m 56s

55 days from Ironman Cozy and, off the top of my head (idea borrowed from Anne):
> order more Infinit
> new saddle?
> new bike shorts? thinking about the
de soto 400 mile short
> practice changing tire .. thinking of doing "Tire Tuesdays" where I practice changing the front and bike tire one time each
> start working on my "to pack" list
> more swim
> more bike
> more run
> thank husband profusely
> more date nights with said husband
> call LBS to get biked tuned up, packed up in [rented] bike box
> buy more poptarts
> buy 650 tubes
> breathe
> two more centuries
> 8-9 hours of sleep/ night
> get a massage

> maybe get a couple massages