15 June 2016

don't call it a comeback [I've been here for years] part two

Bloggy friends! "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

I miss blogging and being a part of the runner community.

Since I last posted, I:

1. Had an uneventful (the best kind) and healthy pregnancy
2. Ran (a little slower than normal, then much slower, then run/ walk, then walk/ run, then walk) during my pregnancy:

3. Had a beautiful baby girl (August 2014):

4. Got my butt into gear and back to where I was, pre pregnancy.


Boston Marathon 2018, I'm coming for you.

I need a sub 3:40 but really closer to a 3:36ish (will have a better idea of the BQ minus x time after registration this fall for Boston 2017) tto BQ and actually get into the race. I'm registered for Steamtown (October 9).

I have a coach and I'm running 6 days/ week, averaging about 45 miles per week (with a "long" run of 10-12 miles)... doing a lot more speedwork than before.

I cleaned up my diet and lost a few pounds.

I've PR'd the 5K and placed overall and in my AG in some local races.

I have tune up/ predictor races on the calendar.

I'm ready for this.