30 December 2008


my husband is the. most. supportive. guy. ever.

[how many non tri spouses would drive to races at 5am, carry stuff, carry bikes, hold food, cheer, drive home?]

but - just because he's supportive doesn't mean he 'gets it.'

[and that's okay. I certainly do not 'get' professional wrestling. or all that fried food. and how he stays so damn skinny.]

to the point: we live in a small house. we live in a small house that was built without closets, so we have k-mart wardrobes and tiny dressers. we don't not have a lot of room for clothes and we both are clothes horses. [where did that expression come from, anyhow?]

J recently mentioned that I have too many race tshirts.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was such a thing.

J: I understand the tech shirts, but the Arbutus Firecracker 10K from 2005?

YES, the Arbutus Firecracker 10K from 2005, which is horrendously ugly and horribly faded. And the Army 10 Miler which I never wear because they ran out of smalls, and mediums, and I ended up with a large. And Marine Corps, which is puke yellow and was a mock turtleneck [really? I ran 26.2 mi and that's what I get?] but I cut off the turtleneck and now it's a crewneck.

I refuse to throw any of them away, and I think anyone who runs or tris understands. Shirts are trophies [especially for those of us who don't get trophies]. They are memories of first marathons and PR 5Ks and crappy 10 milers.

We - like all good married couples - compromised.

The tshirts I wear are still in my drawer, and the others are in the basement.

I might get them all made into a quilt one day, when I'm old and not racing, but to be honest, I don't foresee a future without racing.

Plus, I might finally place when I turn 85 and there are only 2 people in my AG.

[and then I'll have a medal AND a tshirt!]

28 December 2008

and some days the bear eats you.


mile 1: 9:21
mile 2: 9:45
mile 3: 9:32
mile 4: 9:48
mile 5: 9:32
mile 6: 9:18
mile 7: 12: 12 (what the ef!? I mean, Really?)
mile 8: 9:22
mile 9: 9:31
mile 10: 9:18

10.05 miles in 1h 38m 05s // 09m 46s/Mi

I felt slow (and really, where the hell was I for mile 7?!)... at mile 6.5 I actually looked at my watch and said UGH. It was in the 60s ... but windy, so the warm + wind was a strange combination.

Yesterday I had a 7 mi run + 18 mi on the bike... maybe my legs were too tired from the bike ride? maybe that's an excuse... [but it sounds damn good !]


I'm getting tired of running the same routes. baltimore is not a big city, and when you cut out the super shady areas, it gets even smaller. I hate the idea of driving somewhere to run, though... both because of gas and time. Next week I have a 16 miler so I will definitely drive to the county to run. I'm not running a bunch of loops around the city for over 2 1/2 hrs.

totals 22 dec through 28 dec

swim: 4400.00 M in 1h 31m 31s
bike: 30.00 Mi in 1h 39m 34s
run: 30.90 Mi in 4h 48m 18s

total: 07:59:23
(another 37 seconds and I would have hit eight hours!)

22 December 2008

long run.splits

mile 1: 9:48
mile 2: 9:34
mile 3: 10:02
mile 4: 9:21
mile 5: 9:16
mile 6: 9:10
mile 7: 9:06
mile 8: 9:16
mile 9: 9:24
mile 10: 9:22
mile 11: 9:37
mile 12: 9:12
mile 13: 8:42
mile 14: 8:35

14.05 miles in 2h 10m 48s // 09m 19s/Mi

^^ really kicked it the past couple of miles but damn if I'm not inconsistent (enough double negatives for you?)

Dressing for this weather is such a PITA. accuweather.com said 30* with wind chill of 19*. wore tights, long sleeved tshirt, heavier windbreaker, gloves, hat. got too warm at some points and took off the hat and gloves ... then put those back on and took off the jacket.. jacket back on, gloves off, hat on. repeat.

next week is just 10 miles, but the following weeks are 16, 17. I need to leave the city to do these or I'll drive myself nuts running in loops. Baltimore isn't that big of a city... especially when you cut out the really high crime areas.

21 December 2008

how to brag re: Ironman.

[I found this online and thought it was too hilarious not to share]

Before I started to train an Ironman, I bought a training plan; I read books on hydration and fuel replacement, I listened to endless hours of advice from elite and pro triathletes. This information did help me finish, but it did not teach me how to correctly brag about being an Ironman.

My friends and I came up with a six phase program which will aid you in bragging about your Ironman . Use this plan from the moment you register until well after the race is complete for the most bang for your bragging buck.

Sign Up Phase: For most Ironman events, you have to register up to one year in advance. This gives you plenty of time to brag about doing an Ironman. During this phase, you must let all of your non-Ironman friends know you can't hang out with them anymore, because you just signed up for an Ironman. If you don't have any Ironman friends, then go to a place where runners or bikers hang out. Look for the Ironman symbol (M Dot) on their training clothes. An Ironman would never be caught running or biking without their Ironman stuff.

Training Phase: Training for an Ironman can be compared to having a part time job. You must let everyone you meet know this. This can be accomplished by sighing loudly at work, mumbling how tired you are because you just biked 100 miles, because you are in training for an Ironman. You can also skillfully steer the conversation with your neighbors and co-workers to your Ironman training. Here is an example:

Neighbor: "Did you hear what President Bush said this week?" Lee: "Were you aware that President Bush is a biker? I just biked 100 miles today. I am training for an Ironman."

Co worker: Lee, are you working late tonight? Lee: No, I have to get up early to do a 20 mile run.

I even once rang my neighbor's door and when he answered, I said "Sorry Bob, can't talk to you now, I am training for an Ironman."

One Week before the Race Phase: You need to let your neighbors and co-workers know you will be gone for a little while, competing in an Ironman. Once again, you can steer the conversation to your Ironman race.

Neighbor: "Wow Lee your lawn looks great!" Lee: "My lawn is going to look bad this next week; I will be competing in an Ironman."

Race Expo Phase: You must buy as much Ironman merchandise as possible. For years we saved our money to send both of my boys to private college, but sacrifices must be made. Both Derick and Ty will be going to junior college now. You must buy enough Ironman clothes to cover every day at work and training. You must also buy plenty of shirts for your spouse and children. They will also spread the word that you just finished an Ironman.

The Race Phase: At http://www.ironmanlive.com you can setup automatic emails and cell phone message notifications of your Ironman timing splits. You can use all of the entries in your email and cell phone address book. Include everyone regardless of whether they remember you are or not. It just does not matter, because you are an Ironman.

Post Race Phase: The finisher medal can be worn for one day per the number of miles raced and everyone knows that an Ironman is 140.6 miles. So wear that medal for 141 days (always round up as opposed to rounding down your finishing time). Your children must be trained to say, "My daddy is an Ironman. He gave me this shirt. He's an Ironman." This must be emphasized over and over with your children. I did not do this after I ran the Boston marathon, and Derick, my oldest boy, told everyone at his day care that his grandma ran the marathon. Your spouse must memorize all of your splits (swim, bike and run). You must also include both transition splits as well. Instead of wearing a shirt which states, "I am with Dummy", your spouse will wear a shirt which says, "I am with a stud Ironman". All conversations must be steered to your Ironman race.

Co-Worker: "Did you hear about the new work policy?" Lee: "Nope, I did not; I was racing in an Ironman."

For at least one month you can say, "Well, I 'm only going to run easy today, I just did an Ironman." When someone brings up a subject of hardships suffered, you need to remind them that you also have suffered through hardships while training and racing in your Ironman.
You can also use these ideas to brag about other races, but please only brag about races which are longer than 13.1 miles.

totals 15 december through 21 december

swim: 5250.00 M in 1h 50m 30s

bike: 18.00 Mi in 1h 01m 22s

run: 31.00 Mi in 4h 47m 43s

total: 07h 39m 35s

16 December 2008


triathlons ain't cheap.

everyone knows this.

at a minimum, you need: swimsuit, goggles, cap, bike, helmet, running shoes.

but let's be honest. at a minimum, you also need: wetsuit, bike cleats, clipless pedals, bike shorts, bike jerseys, running shorts, running tights, singlets, tshirts, long sleeved tshirts, bike trainer, hat, gloves, sports bras, water bottles, GUs, cliff bars, other nurition, sports drinks, a gym membership, tri transition bag, running socks, cycling socks, iPod, GPS, HRM, an understanding spouse ;).

and then, after the basics, comes the wants.

it's so easy to get sucked in. compression socks? compression tights? new bike! it all promises to make you stronger, sleeker, faster. gear reviews bring out my green eyed monster and I Need It All. I'm not so much into what thoseintheknow call bike porn ... I'm too wet behind the ears to know (and really, that's not a bad thing). swimming... well, aside from from what phelps wore (and I'm not sure if I could wear that in a race, although why not?) there's not a whole lot of tech-y swim gear. I have [cheap] goggles that I like, a few suits, and fins. maybe I'll buy padles but that won't set me back too much. it's with running that I go into overdrive. I love running clothes and my Garmin and it's rare that I leave my friendly local running store without spending at least $200.00.


I'm trying not to get caught up in it. I have what I need to be comfortable and safe and feel good. I'm not a pro. Hell, I'm not an AGer. Last year I got second in the First Annual Fells Point Figgy Pudding Run. [that's probably as close as I'll get to winning]. but I don't do it to win (for the post race cookies? yes.)

anyone can go out and buy top of the line everything, can buy a $5K bike and an aero helmet and the CWX tights (want, need) but that doesn't make you faster. it doesn't guarantee you'll place or even finish.

the best gear in the world doesn't hold a candle to 5:30 a.m. swims, 15 mi long runs in the rain, or 60 mi bike rides. it won't compensate for missing workouts or sleeping late. $15 socks will not run themselves.

it's an expensive sport and it's easy to get caught up in the I-need-the-best-of-everything mindset but what's Most Important is consistent, smart training.

14 December 2008

long run sunday, ford ironman, and my bike.

long run sunday
(pretty soon it will be long ride saturday and long run sunday and buh-bye social life. wait, can I say buh-bye to a social life that doesn't exist?)

I slept in and puttered around the house until I left for my run at 11:00 a. Baltimore is not that big so I have to be creative to ge in 14 miles ... after that distance I need to drive out to the county and run on the trails.

I had a really good run. I didn't start to feel tired until about mile 10, and I think some of that was psychological (just like getting bored/ tired at mile 4 of a 6 mi run -- it's just near the end). I continued to listen to New Moon (of the Twilight series) and although I kind of hate myself for listening to 'teenage vampire smut' it's not enough to stop.

Good weather too for a long run -- clear, partly sunny, mid to high 30s. I wore tights, a short sleeved shirt under a long sleeved shirt, and my yellow Nike drifit hat. Sometimes I was a little warm, but it was windy (especially near the water) so mostly I was comfortable.

I'm pretty confident in my goal to go a sub 4:00 at National. I ran a 3:53:13 at Richmond in November 2007, and although my mileage per week won't be the same (swim/ cycle in place of some runs), I've been a distance runner for four years and I think my experience and base will pull me through.

mile 1: 9:12
mile 2: 9:30
mile 3: 9:08
mile 4: 9:14
mile 5: 8:46
mile 6: 9:05
mile 7: 8:53
mile 8: 8:55
mile 9: 9:06
mile 10: 9:00
mile 11: 9:01
mile 12: 9:17
mile 13: 8:57
mile 14: 8:45

2h 08m 02s
14.14 miles
09m 03s/Mi

ford ironman
like the rest of the triathlon community (and anyone who flipped on nbc in the middle of the day), I watched the Ford Ironman Championship yesterday. the coverage focused mostly on the leaders, which was cool, but I would perfer to see more on the 'regular folks' (as regular as the KQ folks are, I suppose!). it was amazing though to see the leaders get out of transition so quickly - for an IM! ... and v. cool to see a female competitor tossing an extra co2 cartridge to christy wellington. my god can that woman fly on a bike.

I hope I get glow sticks to wear at IM Cozy.

my rear wheel was flat, and after unsuccesfully trying to change it, then kind of changing it but not being able to put it back on the bike (um, I really need to learn how to put on my bike wheel) I - covered in grease - decided that eating doritos and watching Gossip Girl was the better way to go.

my wonderful husband took it to the Univ of Maryland bike shop to get it taken care of. hence, I have been bike free for a week.

not gonna lie, the break the trainer and I are on has been nice.

totals 8 dec through 14 dec

swim: 1550.00 M in 36m 36s
run: 34.22 Mi in 5h 11m 06s
total: 5h 47m 42s

(bike in shop)

07 December 2008

totals 1 dec through 7 dec.

swim: 3650.00 M in 1h 17m 54s
bike: 45.70 Mi in 2h 38m 15s
run: 19.78 Mi in 3h 06m 09s

total time: 07h 02m 18s

03 December 2008

2009 race schedule.

is almost complete.

there are a few more races I'd like to do (Cherry Blossom, Army 10 Miler), but IM Cozy is really pricey, and I can't justify any more ...plus, I need to keep in mind the travel to and from Rhode Island 70.3. fortunantly, the other races are all [relatively] close by.

I will add one or two century rides, but they are (1) relatively inexpensive [although to a 'normal person', paying $35 to ride 100 mi is ridiculous], and (2) not really races [training].

22 March: National Triathlon
17 May: Columbia Triathon (Oly)
12 July: Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island (HIM)
13 September: Diamondman Triathlon (HIM)
26 September: Chesapeakeman Ultra Triathlon AquaVelo (IM swim/bike)
29 November: Ironman Cozumel (IM!)

I am SO excited for 2009 and am ready to get the season going. Starting in March, I have a race every other month (two in September) until Cozumel. Although each race is its own event, all races are mainly training/ prep for IM Cozy.

Even more exciting? My tri girlfriends are doing most of these, too [they are doing Shamrock the weekend before National]. It's so nice to someone to race 'with', even if you don't actually race together.