30 November 2008

november totals.

swim: 12100.00 M in 4h 17m 28s
bike: 88.70 Mi in 5h 12m 22s
run: 75.93 Mi in 11h 36m 45s

total: 21h 06m 35s

totals 24 nov though 30 nov

swim: 3100.00 M in 1h 05m 53s
bike: 31.10 Mi in 1h 52m 02s
run: 16.14 Mi in 2h 30m 57s

total: 5h 28m 57s

29 November 2008

one year.

Ironman Cozumel in: 365 days.

that is all.


25 November 2008

long run.

I had my first long run of training on Sunday. I was kind of apprehensive -- the last time I ran anything over 6 miles was when I suffered through 13.1 at Savageman ... but I had a great run!

Because it's been a long time since I had a long run -- it had been a long time since I had downloaded an audiobook. I went to audible.com to download a new audiobook. It takes me FOREVER to pick one (if I'm going to be listening for something for 12+ hours, it better be (1) interesting, and (2) well read).

I downloaded New Moon, by Stephanie Meyers.

(mmmm sexy vampires)

Yes, of the Twilight series.


Don't laugh.

I happen to enjoy listening to what my friend refers to as "teenage vampire smut." And no, the books are nowhere near Harry Potter good, but they are enjoyable and the narrator is good.

It's funny how I can get bored/ tired at mile two of a three mile run ... but that feeling doesn't hit until mile 8/9 of a 10 mile run. All relative, of course.

I had decent weather -- a little chilly in the mid-high 30s but not too cold. I wore tights and a long sleeved tech tee and I had gloves with me. I wore the gloves when I was running near water and took them off when I wasn't.

I felt good at the end of the run -- not sore, not v. tired. I even felt good on Monday, although my upper body was a twinge tight.

Next week: 11 mi.

10.10 miles in 1h 34m 27s // 09m 21s/Mi.

23 November 2008


how do I make my photos NOT links?

thank you in advance smart bloggy people.

totals 3 nov - 9 nov.

distance: 2000.00 M
time: 46m 26s

distance: 23.00 Mi
time: 1h 21m 23s


distance: 21.83 Mi
time:3h 20m 46s

total time: 5 hr 25 min

22 November 2008

fun at the friendly local running store.

my running shoes were shot, so I went to my friendly local running store and left with:

and $150 less in my checking account ;)

18 November 2008

the plan, revised.

monday: swim (30-60 min) pm/ bike (30-75) pm
tuesday: 3-5 mi run
wednesday: swim (30-60 min) pm/ bike (30-75) pm
thursday: 3-5 mi run
friday: rest
saturday: 5-10 mi pace
sunday: 10-20 mi long run

this is the schedule until january 26, when my official training starts for IMC!

16 November 2008

so long, speedo.

I swam competitively in high school.... not very fast, mind you ;), but competitively. I was a horrible freestyler but a decent breastroker (yes, ha.) and I made counties one year (I also got the flu two days before, swam anyhow, and had a horrible race, but I digress).

The whole swim team always voted on the team suit, and my senior year we chose a green (school's color) speedo with bubbles (I looked for a picture of it online, but to no avail). I wore a size 28. Correction: I wore a 30, but I stuffed myself into a 28 for racing. (I - and most of the other girls - had to wear the straps under our pits because the racing size HURT when the straps pressed into our shoulders). That particular season wasn't memorable but I have fond memories of high school swimming -- leaving class early on Tuesdays and Thursdays to drive to the pool, pasta parties, early morning swim meets, Boston Market turkey carver sandwhiches after those early morning swim meets, my mom the 'scorer', best times, finding out Saturday's line up on Thursday, crushes, friends.

I threw away that suit last week. (yes, amazing it still fit, but we can attribute that to the wonderful qualities of spandex).

I wanted to hold onto it -- for sentimental reasons, and because I hate buying new suits -- but the elastic was wearing thin and I was getting afraid of the straps wearing completely thin ... and, um, breaking while swimming.

It actually made me a little sad to toss it.
... but, out with the old and all that and so I ordered two cheap clubswim suits... how adorable are these?!

the plan.


I survived my off season and I'm so ready to follow a training program.

The National Marathon (think Marine Corps but much smaller and all contained in the district [unlike MCM, which starts and ends in NoVa]) is on March 21 and I'm following Hal Higdon's Intermediate II training program -- but with one adjustment: Wednesday's run is replaced with 45-75 minutes on the bike.

The schedule looks something like this:
monday: swim (30-60 min)
tuesday: 3-5 mi run
wednesday: bike (45-75 min)
thursday: 3-5 mi run
friday: rest
saturday: 5-10 mi pace
sunday: 10-20 mi long run

The mileage is less than what I'm used to, but although I'm training for National, I'm base building for Ironman Cozumel.

... and the plan will change when I start "officially" training for Ironman Cozumel -- which starts January 26. One of my tri girlfriends is working on a schedule, so I'll have to change the schedule again.

As long as I get my long runs in I think I'll be fine. I'd like to just go a sub 4:00 again and I'll be happy. The goal through training is to keep a strong base and stay healthy!

While I will be racing National, I'm also kind of thinking of it as a supported training run.

Here we go !

07 November 2008

one hundred push ups. update.

w1d1: 10/ 12/ 7/ 7/ 11 [max]
w1d2: 10/ 12/ 8/ 8/ 14 [max]
w1d3: 11/ 15/ 9/ 9/ 16 [max]

w2d1: 14/ 14/ 10/ 10/ 16 [max]
w2d2: 14/ 16/ 12/ 12/ 17 [max]

04 November 2008


yeah, I'm on autopilot (told you I scheduled my winter workouts around the tv schedule) --

tonight is the ELECTION!

(I'll be biking early to Jeopardy and Scrubs, then ;))

03 November 2008

so much for that.

I was GOING to run at 6:00 a.m.

I didn't.

Sun set at 5:03 this evening. Left work at 5:30.

That left me with:

fortunantly, the beautiful folks on Gossip Girl kept me going, and I listened to my iPod during commercials. it really wasn't that bad.

stats: 5.06 miles in 46m 06s // 09m 07s/Mi

p-up challenge (w2d1): 14/ 14/ 10/ 10/ 16 [max].

tomorrow - Biggest Loser and the bike trainer.

[seriously, I schedule my winter workouts around tv.]

02 November 2008

long time no blog.

hello to the four or five people that read this !

haven't blogged in a while because
1. I've been out of town at baby prosecutor's school, and
2. nothing interesting re: training has happened recently!

I've mostly been running, with a few (very few) swims and bike rides on the trainer thrown in.

Training for National starts in a couple weeks (Monday the 17), and I'm looking forward to having a training schedule again ... wee! Until then, will just be staying in shape.

Need to - finally - drag out my tights, gloves, mittens, and windbreakers.

Oh, and I got our neighborhood newsletter today -- a running group is forming! This is excellent news... perhaps I can avoid the treadmill all winter? A girl can dream ..