31 January 2010

still here. still running !

haven't blogged in a while because I don't have a whole lot going on.

still doing
this challenge and it's going pretty well. I'm at 45/ 47 days and as long as I get in a few more double runs, I'll meet my goal. yay.

bundled up and went trail running this morning with some of my
beginnertriathlete.com buddies. It was a balmy 16* when I left my house and 21* when we started running. As usual, I wore too much and ended up shedding the hat, mittens, ear wamers, and neck gator halfway through. I always do that! It's just so tempting to overdress when it's really freaking cold. Next time: just the (thin) hat, and thin gloves (no more 'hot fingers' mittens).

I finally picked up Bella-the-tri-bike from the bike shop last week. It's been there since the beginning of December. whoops.

Still have yet to get in the pool or on the bike. teehee.

neat-o photo of the Cozy swim>


  1. dont worry about the bike, i hear they dont hold grudges. just as long as you let her know by getting back on her every now and then. i was wondering what you were up to. i started reading your blog about a month before you IM and now its like, "what is trish up to ?"

    glad to hear you are still running, i have a fried that did IM canada last year and just sat on the couch for 3 months afterwards and now he is really struggling to get back into it.

    keep at the runs, it would suck if you didnt make it.

  2. i overdressed for my run yesterday morning as well and ended up stripping layers along the way.

  3. Seems only thing to do now a days is run

  4. Way to get out there in the cold - you will have plenty of time to bike during the warm summer.

  5. Missed your updates. Glad things are going well :)

  6. You are doing a great job on your challenge!

  7. I miss my bike, just a few hours of trainer riding for me. Boy will the butt hurt when the training really gets going! Happy training!