22 September 2012

don't call it a comeback [I've been here for years]

wow. my last post was more than 2 years ago.

[do they take away your blogger license after that long?]

I'm up and running (pun intended) again, and I'm excited to get back into reading all of your fabulous and interesting and inspiring tri/ running blogs. below are photos of our handsome little dude, H, who turns two next month!

I'm not quite up to speed (pun intended AGAIN. HA. I'm hilarious) yet, but I've been putting in about 30 mpw and the speed is slowly coming back. I did one marathon and blew up -- and decided to take a break from the 26.2 for a bit. training was too time consuming and I felt guilty running for 3 hours on a saturday when I only see my little guy and my husband a couple hours a day on the weekdays.

I'm running a few half marys, 10 milers, and hell, why not? even some shorter "faster" distances. maybe even another triathlon. stay tuned. work, run, family - it's pretty much a rockstar life.


  1. Dang
    A whole new little man, congrats!
    Funny, i was in Baltimore a month or so ago and ran with the Federal Hill group on Tuesday night. I actually thought to myself, "I wonder what happened to Iron Trish?"
    Welcome back

  2. Welcome back IronTrish. I became IronDan while you were gone.

  3. Welcome back!! I was shocked to see your blog in my blog feed! I am in Baltimore next week for the Half Full tri (working it not racing it), we should go for a run!

    Your little man is adorable :)

  4. Your back!!!!!! Welcome back! You have been missed.

    What a cute little guy. Future Ironman perhaps???? :)

    I began IronKevin twice over during your hiatus :)