26 October 2012

hershey park half marathon

saturday october 20

I was looking for a half marathon in the fall, driving distance, but somewhere fun and different.

what's that? Hershey Park has a half marathon? AND you get two tickets into the park for Hershey Park After Dark? AND there's a chocolate aid station? Yes.

[H, size Miniature]
H was not impressed by the rides.

 [what the eff am I supposed to do in here?]
but did enjoy being in his stroller [I mean, it's a BOB Ironman and it rides like a dream]

we were on our feet all day [and did a lot of walking] at the Park, and I knew that would effect my race. ideally the day before the race it's maybe a short run, legs up, compression sleeves on, trashy tv and a nap. this race was: walk uphill, walk, walk, wait in line for roller coaster, ride roller coaster, walk, eat delicious but bad-for-me food, walk, wait in line. repeat.
we got to our hotel around 10 and set alarms for 5:45. so very, very early.
sunday october 21
up and at 'em at quarter to 6 ! we got dressed quickly. I hemmed and hawed over how to dress -- mid 40s at the start and high 40s to low 50s at the finish -- decided on running skirt, thin tshirt, and long sleeved t. H and James were dressed a bit warmer.
we stopped at Dunkin Donuts so I could get a bagel and James a giant coffee. apparently, DD was not aware it was a race weekend, and it took forever to get our order. tg we left as early as we did. I HATE running late for a race start. super stressy.
and then to the Park ! it was perfect timing to get parked, get to the starting corrals (6-8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm .. really? we're going to put me with the 6 mm ers?) and take a picture with a giant Hershey Bar:

the race benefits the Children's Miracle Network, and I was tearing up as we passed posters of the kids the race was helping. great organization.
the race was HILLY .. weird, I know, considering we're in PA ! only about a mile went through the park, but it was neat to see the whole town. A lot of families and kids (and teenagers) were out, cheering us on, waving, holding signs. I high fived all the kids. that's one of the things that's so neat about racing.. feeling like a superstar athlete when you are, at best, a FOMOP runner.
[cheering for mommy.. with tons of enthusiasm, clearly]
after the first mile, my glass-is-half-full optimism had me ready for a PR..
unfortunately, I couldn't quite hold a sub 8:10 !
1: 8:09.5
2: 8:22.3
3: 8:15.6
4: 8:18.8
5: 8:23.6
6: 8:16.0
7: 8:32.2
8: 8:24.6
9: 8:33.7
10: 8:42.4
11: 8:37.0
12: 8:53.8
13: 8:26.9
14: 2:48.4 (.33 mi according to Garmie the Garmin)


chip time: 1:52:47
pace: 8:35
overall: 702/ 3749

gender: 242/ 2381
ag [F 25-34]: 89 / 816

[not bad rankings !]

and then we did our family photo

and then to Chocolate World:

[one of everything, if you please]

and then back to maryland [H and I both napped in the car]

overall I'm happy with my race, but I'd like to see what I could do on rested legs on a flat(ter) course. I'd love to PR this distance and PR it soon [a 1:46:xx if I remember correctly]


  1. Congrats on a great race! Can't go wrong with chocolate.

    With those consistent mile splits, you are sure to get that PR in no time!

  2. Great job on the race! And not back for coming back after baby and all - clearly you will be able to PR on a flatter course!

  3. Congrats on a great race. Saw your blog over on BT. :)

  4. a run and chocolate! the perfect combination. Well done.

  5. Congrats on the race and welcome back to blogging

  6. Thanks for the thread on BT! I love reading and finding new blogs!

  7. Excellent race! Absolutely love Hershey Park.