04 November 2013

high(est) mileage week and 12 days out and fall running

highest mileage week

When I chose Hal Higdon's Advanced I plan and put all the runs on my calendar, I was slightly concerned about fitting in the in the peak weeks. I wasn't worried about the long runs (thanks to a super supportive spouse) -- it was the mid week "medium-long" runs (specifically, two 10 milers in one week and a 20 on the weekend) that I worried about fitting in between work/ family/ sleep.

Turns out: 10 miles on a treadmill isn't all _that_ terrible (hooray for The Wire! [I think the exclamation point kind of makes it look like a musical and SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN]) and taking a couple hours of leave at the end of a workday (hooray for a lovely trail, near work and daycare, with water/ bathrooms!) is totally doable.

Week 15 of my plan: I ran 56.25 miles (8h 38m 37s) -- my highest mileage e v e r. I was tired at the end of it but it really wasn't as tough as I had imagined. .. and I rewarded myself with a massage from the awesome Nic Ebright.

12 days out

Last week (week 16) I maxed out at just over 36 miles, and this week calls for around 29-30 miles. AND THEN IT'S RACE WEEK!

I feel good. I feel nervous. I want to run a smart, f a s t race. I asked my buddies at Beginner Triathlete to predict my marathon time, and the general consensus was around a 3:45. My Main Goal is to PR (breaking 3:50:53, which I ran at the National Marathon in 2009 and promptly burst into tears when I saw James because I didn't break 3:50. Why yes, being married to me is a joy!), my Super Happy Goal is 3:45, and my The Stars Have Aligned Goal is 3:40.

(3:40 IS reallyclose to 3:35, ifyouknowwhatImean)

and just for shits & giggles..
(based on a 1:44:39 half --)
McMillan: 3:40:14
Runner'sWorld: 3:38:11
vDot calc: 3:40:43

After some deliberation, I decided not to drag bring James and H with me to Philly. H doesn't sleep well away from home, and I don't want to be up with a fussy toddler the night before my race... and I didn't want to have James push H around an unknown city and try to find me at certain mile markers.

TLDR; it's a hassle that isn't worth it.

So my Iron-friend Deb is coming, and I'm meeting up with a bunch of people who either live in Philly or are running Philly or both. Yay!

Undecided as to what to wear. It's shorts v. tights; long sleeves v. short sleeves (with throwaway arm warmer). the 10 day forecast comes out in 4 days (I mean if you are paying attention to that sort of thing) but I won't have a really good idea until the hourly forecast is out.

fall running

is so pretty

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