14 December 2009

you take the good you take the bad you take them both

and then you have: post-ironman time.

the good:
> sleeping in
> late night tv time with my husband
> still talking about race !
> getting the email: "can you and James come over Saturday for lunch?" and responding "yes!" (no 6 hour bike ride)
> saving money (no: race fees, Infinit orders, body glide, GU, extra tubes + CO2 carts)
> no more drives to the Eastern Shore for 4-6 hour bike rides
> not being starving every 30 minutes
> staying up late !
> date nights with my husband that can end after 8:30 pm
> not saying "okay I'll go out, but I can't drink and we need to leave by 8:00"
> no more giant piles of cycling and running laundry
> time to learn to cook (I'm making honey lemon chicken breasts right now)
> time with friends and family (dinner with law school gf's tomorrow, dinner with mom and mother in law on thursday)
> house is clean
> cleaned out: the bathroom, kitchen.
> organized my closet and drawers, donated clothes to goodwill.
> no more foam rolling [for a while]

the bad [what I will miss]:
> the satisfaction that comes after a long run/ ride/ swim
> riding and commiserating with my girlfriends
> the countdown -- even when things were crappy there was always The Big Day coming up to cheer me up
> no set schedule. [I LOVE SCHEDULES]
> no anticipation
> all the little pink boxes on my BT calendar
> the BT graphs -- actual v. planned
> ginormous monthly totals
> stuffing my face with Checker's after riding the B&A trail
> buying new gear


  1. You have been far more productive with your post IM time than I have been! I need to do half the things on your list, but will work on those during my vacation.

    You have lots of charting and planning in your future soon anyway ... :)

  2. "The Good" sounds so relaxing and peaceful... although I think it would drive me crazy after a week :) haha. I am way to stir crazy.

    BTW: I think you should change you make your QOTW your QOTY(ear) :)

  3. sounds like a well deserved break. but only a break, because you miss it already!

  4. I just found your blog. My husband did IM Florida, his first, and reading your blog is like talking to him! I'll pass it along to him and I'll keep checking in. Congratulations on becoming iron!

  5. My late nights did not last for very long. I found I liked being in bed just after 9! I still do that.

    I discovered that my garden does actually need watching otherwise the weeds take over! Now at least I have the time to do something about it.

  6. Sounds like you are enjoying some fun and just in time for the holidays! Hope your honey lemon chicken turned out nicely...sounds good.

  7. You have EARNED this down time, enjoy it.

  8. I feel ya! I've gotten SOOOO much done (most of which I've whined that I haven't had time for in a year), but really, I'd rather be rich, pay someone to do all that stuff and train to my hearts content. Unfortunately, until I win the lottery or become awesome enough to be a pro, this is unlikely. :) But my husband and I have a date this weekend - we are going to the theater and then a late night jazz club - something we LOVE to do but haven't had the energy for in a loooong time. I CANT WAIT!

    Now, on to the pictures - did you have to buy all three separately? Or was there a bundle? I hate how expensive race pictures are!!

  9. I HAVE to keep racing. I love it too much to stop, but another Ironman distnace race is not in my near future (maybe, just MAYBE 2011)...gonna try to get faster at the half. Florida 70.3 here I come!

    STupid pictures. Why they gotta cost so much? I use snapfish too, but seriously, $12 for a digital photo? REALLY?

  10. You will just have to pick another race! How about coming to OH for the FLying Pig marathon? It's supposed to be a good one.

  11. boy you got all the right..
    so much time, what to do, what to do!

    enjoying the rest/down time but it also makes me go crazy. Guess that's why I'm training for a 50 mile run now :) well, what else was I supposed to do! haha.

    nice job IRONMAN and sweet tat!