03 February 2013

pr. hooray!

this morning, James asked me what I hoped to go at the Penguin Pace 5K. Honestly, I hadn't thought about it too much. I wanted to beat last year's time - 24:59 - but I wasn't sure how fast I could go. I didn't taper, although I did break a 35 day streak to take a rest day yesterday, and I did an easy three on Friday, so I was as well rested as I was going to be for a "not A" race.

my car died yesterday and James was working this morning (big thanks to Jim/ Pop Pop! for hanging out with H this morning!), so I scrambled to find a ride. luckily, my friend/ coworker (future in-law?) Colleen agreed to swing by and pick me up (thanks Colleen!). I thought about trying to get in a 2-3 mile warm up, but it was so damn cold and bitter (20*F) that I didn't bother.

met up with a few friends pre race, peed, and then headed outside to start the race. it snowed last night, but it was just a dusting. the roads were pretty clear... a few icy spots here and there, but nothing too bad - and some awesome volunteers to point out the slippery spots. I didn't really hear the RD start the race... just a GO! and then everyone started running !

the first part of the run is - yay! - downhill - and I took full advantage of that. the elevation  map doesn't look that bad, but that last big hill - between about mile 2 and 2.5 - is a toughie. It hit hard and I lost a lot of speed and fowardmovingness. yes that is a word. to me.


so not exactly a negative split ;) but I hung on pretty well considering the course. post race, had water, fruit, and a croissant (okay post race food, but not awesome) and met up with my friends. then to brunch with my IronBuddy Deb. Mmmm potato latkes, eggs, and fruit.

according to the good folks at Howard County Striders, my official time is 22:59.25 - that's a 7:24 pace. I broke 23 minutes! And! And! I shaved two minutes off of last year's time of 24:59 (8:08 pace) ... huge time drop for a 5K! 

AND I PR'd! not just a post-baby PR but a real, honest-to-goodness PR. I beat my previous PR of 23:07, set in 2007 (while I was still in law school, living at Sutton Place Apartments, married 2 years, 3 years pre H) on Superbowl Sunday of that year. Wow.

I thought I might get an award, but alas, I wasn't fast enough the stars did not align. I was fifth in my age group - women 30-39 - but the top two women in my AG were also the top two women overall (both running a low 20 - eeeps!), so I thought they'd be out of contention for AG awards and I'd bump up to third. Unfortunately, the race only did awards for the top male and female, so I was officially fourth in my AG for awards. (if I was still in the 20-29AG? would have placed FIRST). oh well.

AG (F30-39): 5/74
overall: 28/ 368

not too shabby!

(H is not impressed with my PR but did stretch with me)

McMillan gives some pretty sweet predictions based on this time. I've been around the block enough times (YAY RUNNING PUN HA I AM HILARIOUS) to know that I can't base a marathon prediction on a 5K time, but it gives me hope to break 4 (McMillan puts me at a 1:46 HM and a 3:34 (HA) mary.

I am feeling GOOD and proud and ready to tackle the next 6 weeks of training before the B&A half!


  1. Congratulations!!! Awesome PR!

  2. Congrats! That is a huge PR.

    Ugh on no AG award though! Someone has to get those stars in line!

    Don't laugh at the McMillan prediction. I laughed at mine when I first saw it. And then not only met it, but exceeded it later that year!

  3. Woo hoo! Well done. Isn't it annoying that the oldies are faster than the young ones. Moving up an age group is supposed to make it easier isn't it?