09 February 2013

my old stomping (running) grounds

I started running at the ncr trail when I first, well, started running back in 2005 (when J, Laura and I were living in Bolton Hill and I was just starting law school and needed validation that I was a successful person and law school was just not doing that for me)

(was 2005 really EIGHT years ago? yeeeesh)

I met up with an awesome group of folks - the ncr trail snails (motto: we're behind you all the way!) and ran with them while training for my first marathon - baltimore - in 2005. I learned all sorts of awesome marathoning advice - pace, what to eat, drink, wear, putting your name on your shirt so random strangers can cheer you on, etc.

I don't run at the trail very often now - it's not that close to our house and I try to minimize time away from family. But! I think it's one of of The Best Places to Do Long Runs in the area, and it's worth the drive ... especially with two of your running-coworkers-who-run-your-pace-and-are-up-for-breakfast-afterward.

It wasn't that cold out, especially considering the weather we've had lately, but I woke up to howling winds and I knew those would be chilly. Checked weather.com on my phone (one of my most used apps!) and I saw that it was 26*F.. wind chill: 13*F. Awesome. Bundled up (and knew that I would get too warm at some point during the run, but who wants to start running while freezing? and anyhow that's what layers are for).

Kim, Colleen and I met at the office at 7:30 to drive over together (thanks for driving, Kim! although I'm still a little bitter that you and Colleen hogged the seat warmer seats ;)).

the trail was pretty empty (no surprise there!) with the exception of runners and some very cute dogs. the best dogs were two little dachshunds wearing sweaters and looking exhausted. super serious adorableness. we saw some icicles in the rocks .. very pretty.

we did 12.01 miles in 1:54:34 // 9:32 pace.

then for bagels at the bagel shop and then to starbucks

omg I love egg bagels and I love green tea and not pictured is the chocolate chip banana bread

then back to ellicott city and back to elkridge.

I was happy that toddler H was still awake. We skipped around the living room for a bit [well, I skipped, he galloped and barked at me SKIP SKIP SKIP. it was a little weird] and read a couple of books [you know how you get earworms? I get children'sbookworms in my ears. I hear myself reading Hippos Go Berzerk and Hop on Pop long after I've actually finished reading].

then, the dreaded-but-it-seems-to-help-with-recovery ice bath:

winter ice baths are actually colder - thanks to super cold tap water (in the summer it's hard to get anything colder than luke warm water out of the tub faucet).

tolerated that insanity for 15 minutes, hopped out, waited another 30, then took a hot shower and then the feeling in my feet returned

which was AMAZING.


  1. Nice run! Having company like that sure helps. You totally got the raw deal on the heated seats though. We just got a new car with heated seats for the first time and there is no way I could go back.

    Nothing quite like a recovery ice bath. In the winter, I'll just go fill a bucket with fresh snow and dump it in the tub. It sure gets cold quickly.

  2. Nice job out there! And I'm sure it was better with friends :) That sounds so cooooooold - how many layers did you end up peeling off?

  3. i am famous!!!! yay! it was actually a "fun" morning (more the bagel sammie than anything). thanks for getting me through another long one. glad we can pace each other well!

  4. wow, we both started running in 2005! My first 10km race was 8 years ago last Saturday. I PB'd the same race this year. My improvement was on 3 minutes, which as my DH kindly pointed out was on 500m but still. I am taking it.