02 March 2013

goodbye, february and hello, march! (and hi there, PRs??)

this was february (129.52 miles in 19h 57m 26s):

and this is march!

and what's that I see on march 16? well, hello there, little green square. the B&A Trail Half Marathon is coming up on March 16 - it's hard to believe that's less than two weeks ago ! (it's a trail marathon in that it's on the Baltimore Annapolis Trail, but it's a paved path that goes from BWI airport to Annapolis... not a real 'trail'). Based on my 5K at the Penguin Pace in February and my consistent training, I feel confident hopeful that I can PR at B&A Half. McMillan predicts a 1:46:25, which would be a PR by about 30 seconds. It's an 8:07 pace which just seems so fast.

I'm also eying PRs for other distances this year. [the marathon? maybe. I will have to evaluate closer to November]. man, these are old. like during law school old.

Current PRs
Penguin Pace 5K: 22:59 on 02/03/13 (pace_ 7:24)
Pike's Peek 10K: 47:29 on 04/29/07 (pace_ 7:38)

Army 10M: 1:21:46 on 10/08/06 (pace_ 8:10)
Baltimore HM: 1:46:57 on 10/13/07 (pace_ 8:09)
National Marathon: 3:53:13 on 03/21/09 (pace_ 8:54)

I have races of all those distances this year so
I will have my chances.

today's run on the B&A trail

was a 3/1 long run. per Higdon, a 3/1 run is one in which you run the first three-fourths of the distance at a comfortable pace, then accelerate to near race pace over the last one quarter of the workout. the wind was really against me and somehow knew to pick it up when I had to pick it up!

1     9:28
2     9:25
3     9:19
4     9:27
5     9:11
6     9:24
7     9:22
8     9:23
9     9:11
10     8:43
11     8:35
12     8:31
13     8:29
14     8:29

how's that for a negative split?

and then this happened which was terrible but hot tea and playing on pinterest on my phone made it bearable for 10 minutes.


  1. I love that trail, had the chance to run and bike on it a couple years ago!

  2. An 8:07 pace for a half does seem fast and that ice bath looks cold! Good luck on your PR pursuit. Hope you get perfect weather for it.

  3. Good to see you back at it!!
    I actually ran with Federal Hill Runners one Tuesday night last year while in town and thought about you