27 May 2008

Monday's Workout

How else would I spend my holiday Monday?

Bike ride: 1:31:45 // 24.1 miles // 15.76 mph
Run: 36:06 // 4.03 mi // 8:58 pace.

I'm getting more comfortable on the bike. It sucks to go from something I've been doing since I was short (em, shorter) - swimming, and something I've been doing for a few years - running, to something I just started doing - biking. I know running. I may not be fast, but I know what to drink, what to eat, and when and how often to do both. With the bike - and with tris in general - I am totally lost. I would like a personal coach. Would someone like to pony up the money? ;)

I lifted that evening:
Leg Press/ 3x10/ 110 lbs
Leg Curl/ 3x10/ 40 lbs
Standing Calf Raise/ 3x10/ 80 lbs
Squats/ 3x15/ 16 lbs (holding 2 eight pound dumbells)
Lunges/ 3x10 (each leg) / 16 lbs (holding 2 eight pound dumbells)
Hip Abductor/ 3x10/ 50 lbs
Hip Adductor/ 3x10/ 55 lbs
Bicep Curls/ 3x10/ 10 lbs each arm
Tricep Bench Dips/ 3x15
Lateral Pull Downs/ 3x10/40 lbs
Pushups/ 3x10

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