29 May 2008

Wednesday's RBR Brick

My tri group does a run-bike-run brick workout on Wednesday evenings. It's 20-25 minutes from my work, and starts at 6:00, and I get out of work at 5:30... so yesterday I changed into my bike shorts and jersey at the courthouse, ran out of there (really, no need for coworkers to see you in spandex), and made it to the workout on time. The course is a 2.1 mi run, so you run around it once, bike around it five times, and run around it one more time.

We started off with a 2.1 mi run. I thought there would be a bunch of people my pace. There weren't. People took off with what I would guess was a 7:00 pace (I couldn't tell, exactly, because they were that far ahead of me). I ran a comfortable 8:40ish and felt good. I went to the transition area and changed from my running shoes to my bike shoes and my hat to my helmet. I put on my sungasses and gloves and headed out on the bike.

Um, I suck at biking.

At one point the chain fell off and I pulled over. People were passing me (I'm sorry, the correct phrase is "lapping me" ) and were asking if I needed help, but I hated to make them stop and mess up their times so I just sat there and got my hands covered in grease. Finally one woman stopped and helped me. Thank you nice lady.

Five times around and then back to change for the run. Ooof did my legs feel heavy and jello-y. I ran with a woman for that loop and we saw goslings. Too cute. I heart me some baby animals.

Total time: 1:33:something.
Total run: 4.26 mi // 38:21 // 9:00 pace
Total bike: 10.4 miles // 38:44 // 16.11 mph

Then I went home and had an omlette and ice cream.

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