08 March 2009

last double digit + neg. splits

last double digit run before National. sqeeee!

ah-mazing weather. high 60s/ low 70s and most of baltimore city, it seemed, was out running. it was weird to actual sweat -- it's been a while since I've finished a run covered in salt.

and check out those negative splits!

t minus 13 days and I am so ready to go.

12.05 miles in 1h 47m 56s // 08m 58s/Mi

mile 1: 9:23
mile 2: 9:16
mile 3: 9:24 [slowest]
mile 4: 9:22
mile 5: 9:24 [slowest]
mile 6: 9:09
mile 7: 9:03
mile 8: 8:43
mile 9: 8:42
mile 10: 8:25
mile 11: 8:26
mile 12: 8:20 [fastest]


  1. haha loving the running stick man :-)
    This weekend was incredible, glad you got a good run in. Your marathon is almost here. How time flies!

  2. Awesome! I had to look up "negative split" (I admit it) and read that "It takes a lot of discipline and practice to achieve a negative split"!!! Woo-Hoo!

  3. Sweet run there Trish as your taper is working quite well with your fastest mile being your last of the run! b

  4. Great run!! I was thinking about you today on my long run! Good luck at National if I don't get to say so closer to the race!

  5. Good luck in the upcoming Marathon, speedy!