02 March 2009

totals - feb and last week.

february 09:
swim: 10425 M in 3h 37m 10s
bike: 111.5 Mi in 6h 07m 09s
run: 129.94 Mi in 19h 31m 52s
total: 29h 16m 11s

23 feb through 1 march:
swim: 2125.00 M in 45m 15s
bike: 34.00 Mi in 1h 53m 23s
run: 23.00 Mi in 3h 30m 43s
total: 06h 09m 21s


  1. Back atcha: Ive done 3 Escapes. Awsome race. Back in the day you could just sign up. Raced with Paula Newby Frazer, I wore a prison outfit on the swim, bike and run. Had her laughing good. This was 92 93 timeframe. Saw her at IMFL and asked if she remembered. She didn't. Bummer. But I DID...
    Go for the qualifiers. My only hope these days is to get my three sons to do it with me and get NBC or whoever covers it to do a human interest story.

  2. Hi! Nice to have another IMCoz Blogger! Check out http://ironmancoz2009.blogspot.com/ to meet some others. Get me your email address and I'll add you as a contributor!

    Nice blog! I'll be following you!

  3. Okay...your Iron journey is really starting to inspire me to shake it off and get back to motion...