11 June 2009

bad ass.

yesterday I left work to check out this bike at my LBS.

I put on my helmet, my bike shoes, and set off to try it out.

preface: with my trek 1500, I have to apply a decent amount of pressure to the brakes to come to a complete stop.

I was in aero, riding along nicely on this beautiful bike, when I came up on a speed bump and decided to test out the brakes.

I squeezed them hard [tha'swhatshesaid].

the bike stopped.

I didn't.

head-over-handlebars into the cement and some good samaritans helped me up. I landed on my hand and my chin I got cleaned off and walked back to the LBS, trying not to cry and failing miserably.

A Howard Co. police officer was there checking out new bikes --- he saw me, grabbed his first aid kit, cleaned off my chin, and promptly drove me to Howard County General.

One perk of being an ASA and knowing police officers? Going in through the ambulance entrance at HCGH and not having to go through triage.

PA: have you had a tetanus shot within the past 5 years?
me: no, but I'm pretty sure I don't need one
PA: yes, you do.
me: can we do it in pill form?

confession: I hate needles. I know most people don't love them, but I have a horrible phobia ... my blood pressure starts to drop, I get woozy, and light-headed.

so this was a one-two punch: stiches in my chin, then a tetanus shot in my arm. awesome.

The officer that drove me to the hospital sat with me for two hours and held my hand while I wailed (pansy, I know).

But: no puking + no passing out, which is kind of a milestone for me.

annnnd here I am - all around badass triathlete prosecutor:

I'm going back today to ride the Felt and see if I can get some money knocked off the price [a little sob story may help!]


  1. That is going to leave a scar. You will look tough in court now.

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  3. Nice bike. It looks very similar to my Cannondale Slice. Hope you get a good deal.

  4. That is pretty badass...although slightly comical since it was the biker over the handlebar routine. Maybe you could milk this injury in the courtroom!
    Congrats on surviving the run in with the needle and I hope the second test ride goes better!

  5. Just tell your colleagues, "Yeah, but you should see the other guy."

  6. Sorry to hear about the accident. You really need a good non triathlon related story. Something about court would be good

  7. Glad you are ok. Way to take the stitches! I really like Felt bikes.

  8. Glad I am not the only one that crashed a tri bike I was test riding! My crash was brake related too (ok, that and some gravel) ... didn't need stitches but I was definitely embarassed! Plus, my left hand still ach on occassion and this was over a month ago!

    Hope you have a better ride tonight!

  9. that sucks! But I supose at least scars mean you actually do something

  10. Ouchers. Sorry to hear about the accident, but I do like your new Badge of Badassness.

  11. You sure are one bad ass!!!

  12. only a tri-er could be stitch proud :)

  13. I have a trek, so I know what you mean. The bike is pretty cool, and not you look super tough for the IM