28 June 2009

totals/ ocean swim/ achilles + PT/ RI70.3

in the water: 5400.00 M in 1h 51m 37s
on bella: 39.10 Mi in 3h 00m 50s
in my asics: 25.92 Mi in 4h 08m 39s

total: 09h 01m 06s

ocean swimming
I spent this past week in Ocean City, Md at a work conference. Did a little learnin' and a little boozin' ... and I did get in two runs [one 4.5 mi run and one 4 mi run] and one OWS.

swimming in the ocean by yourself = scary !

I told the lifeguard I that I was going out, would be swimming parallel to the shore - 15 min north and 15 min south, and wearing a bright orange swim cap. I wore my wetsuit for bouyancy and warmth.

I [normally] love OWS. I love being out in it ... cold, wide open water, looking up at the sky. It's so one-with-natureness. I've swam in a few ponds and lakes and in the Bay.

Wednesday was the first time I swam in the ocean ... I mean really swam in it, not just splashed around. It was salty... very, very salty. At one point I swallowed a mouthful of saltwater and it almost came right back up. It was terrifying. I kept thinking that I would either (a) get washed away to the middle of the Atlantic, or (b) get eaten by a shark. I spent some time wondering what would be the more preferable way to die. And it was ... bumpy. The combination of the salt water + Mexican for lunch + the motion-of-the-ocean made me nauseous and woozy.

But: I did it, and the next time I do an ocean swim I'll know what to expect [and swim a little easier knowing there are kayaks/ lifeguards/ other swimmers around].

achilles/ PT

I think I've mentioned it before here but didn't really go into it. A few weeks after the marathon I kept getting a sharp jabbing pain behind my left ankle. I stayed off of it for a while but every time I tried to run the pain came back.

I got a referal to a sports medicine doctor, who pronounced it achilles tendonitis --- fairly common, nothing serious, but could get bad if left untreated. He, in turn, wrote me an Rx for Physical Therapy.

The PT checked me out and noticed that my left ankle rolls in slightly when I walk/ run. We started doing ankle strengthening and balance exercises and he gave me therapy bands to take home. My PT doesn't think I'll need too many sessions which is great news [better news: my health insurance covers this -- I only have my $25 copay (which starts to add up, but it's still awesome that most of it is covered!)].

I've been running a lot more [see above] and I don't. have. any. pain. ahhhmazing !

Rhode Island 70.3
is in 14 days !


  1. Great job on the ocean swim! It really IS a whole different experience.

    Can't believe your 70.3 is coming up so soon!!!

  2. no pain is good.

    70.3 so close?!? woohoo!!

  3. I had a similar experience in my first ocean swim. I think that swallowing a bunch of salt water at my last HIM made me nauseous on the bike, so I can totally relate to your experience!

    Glad to hear that you are riding and running pain free! Enjoy your upcoming taper!

  4. Hey Trish! Just dropped in to say HI! I saw your conference pics and it looks like you had a blast! And probably learned something too :)

  5. Yeah, I think I'd be a little scared swimming in the ocean on my own too! At least if I'm with other people, my chance of being the one eaten by the shark decreases!! ;) And in reply to your comment, yes, November is a bit off, but it's getting to real focused training time as well!! Best wishes!!

  6. Thanks for dropping by my site, and commenting and commenting and commenting YUK YUK.

    Seriously though, two weeks to Rhode Island? Taper starts soon. I love taper week. Less training, lots of sleeps, and all the carbs you can stomach.

  7. Good job on that training week, OWS in the ocean. I bet I would have seen sharks everywhere ...

    You'll do great at RI :)

    And thanks for the comments, I really love my new wheels ;)

  8. Nice job in the ocean! Smart move telling the lifeguard, that would have put me a little at ease. RI is just around the corner. I think I am going to shoot for it next year. Nothing like going home for a race.

  9. Glad your ankle is better. Take care not to over work it. Thanks for the swimming post. It reminds me that I need to go do some Gulf swimming.

  10. I remember my first salt water swim. I think the anticipation of doing it was MUCH worse than actually getting in and sticking my face in the water.

    Good luck on RI 70.3! You are gonna do great!

  11. Awesome that you got in an OWS. Take care of the body. The race will be here before you know it.

  12. Glad the pain has gone away and the running is picking up!
    Nice job on the ocean swim- it's a different animal isn't it?