21 June 2009

totals (last 2 weeks)

8 june through 14 june
in the water: 0.00M*
on bella: 79.75 Mi in 6h 14m 28s
in my asics: 2.01 Mi in 20m 33s **
total: 06h 35m 01s

* stitches = no swimming
** achilles tendonitis

15 june through 21 june
in the water: 5600.00 M in 1h 53m 07s
on bella: 78.50 Mi in 5h 49m 17s
in my asics: 6.68 Mi in 1h 05m 27s
total: 08h 47m 51s


  1. Some good numbers, Trishie!! I hope your foot gets to feeling better.

  2. How is the chin feeling? Looks like you had a nice solid week.