13 July 2008

bike ride and 2009 musings.

Good bike ride today -- 25.5 mi in 1:53:42. I've been riding the Columbia Tri course, which is known for steep hills and a lot of them. I only get out on the road once a week on my bike, which kind of sucks, but it is what it is [and thank god for the trainer]. The woman I was riding with (Cathy) showed me a hill with an 11% incline ... too steep to ride down but a perfect hill to practice riding up for Savageman. I'm going to try to ride it 3-4 times a couple times a month.

The nature of triathlons necessitates planning the next season a year in advance. Cathy and I were talking about the 2009 season, and I think I've figured out what I want to race:

* March 22: Shamrock Marathon
* May 17: Columbia Triathlon (Olympic)
* June 14: Eagleman 70.3 Triathlon
* September: Ironman Wisconsin
* October: Baltimore Half Marathon

I think that's a good set of races. I have all winter to train for Shamrock, and then the spring to start getting ready for Columbi and Eagleman. Of course, I'll be training for IMW during all of this, but the training will really pick up in the late spring/ early summer. I'll finish the year with my favorite hometown race and then get ready to do it all again in 2010!

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  1. I like your triathlon progression there...trish...


    rock it... got for it.