05 July 2008

boost of confidence.

Today I did a reverse triathlon: run/ bike/ swim. I tried to do them as back-to-back-to back as possible.

Run: It was surpisingly cool(er) this afternoon -- mid to high 70s. I loaded up my shuffle with new music and off I went. I kept around a 9:05-9:15 pace throughout most of the run. I did get really thirsty halfway through, so I stopped inside a cafe for tap water. Because of where I live in the city, my runs always end uphill, and today I managed to really push it.

Bike: Trainer, of course, because I didn't feel like driving out to do the Columbia course. I alternated big and small rig every 10 minutes, and watched the movie that defined my high school years: Can't Hardly Wait. Heart that movie! I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable on the bike, but I have a lot of work to do.

Swim: Changed and drove to the pool. GREAT swim -- easy and fluid. Wish open water swims went this well ;)

Run: 1:01:52 // 6.69 mi // 9:15 pace.
Bike: 1:30:00 // 23.4 mi // 15.6 mph.
Swim: 29:30 // 1 mi // 1.97/ 200 m.

TOTAL: 3:01:22 // 31.09 mi.

During my siwm I realized that today was an Olympic tri -- give or take a few on each sport. Although the bike was on the trainer and the swim was in a pool, I feel like I could do an olympic soon! Trusting in the training and it seems to be paying off.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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  1. Damn! THis is a love scented candle ya'll. I love that movie. Seth Green's character was the best. Congrats on your oly workout, you are tearing that pool up. Please brush some of that over here!