20 July 2008

savageman is worse!

This is the bike course I ride once a week:

I rode this week with a friend and her friend. While biking up the first hill, my friend commented that the hills at Timberman (the HIM she is doing in late summer) aren't nearly as bad as Columbia (and will feel that much easier after riding Columbia regularly) ... her friend then commented, Savageman is worse! Honestly, maybe it's not the ideal first HIM course ... but after ("after," right? not if?!) I conquer Savageman, I know I can conquer any HIM.

Yesterday's bike-run brick went okay. I'm still gasping for air on those big hills (and going a super speedy 5 mph towards the top) and I need to work on those... I guess that's where that 11% hill near the course comes in and I need to get my ass and my bike out there to ride it. I'm getting much better on the descents and have stopped keeping a death grip on my brakes (which is good, because: ** It is of utmost importance that riders ensure their bikes are in good working condition as this bike course includes some steep, technical descents.)

This week is a recovery week, which came at a perfect time. I am EXHUASTED.


  1. Riding those hills weekly will pay off in the long run for sure!

    I am doing the Akron marathon on Sept 27 - that's the plan, pending my foot not getting reinjured as I up my mileage.

  2. enjoy the recovery week....

    ahhhhhh relax!!!

    whats THAT??