06 July 2008

if only I could bike this well.

Long swim day at the pool. Strange, my gym's pool is now saltwater. They keep saying it's "better", but I have yet to hear why ... something about better on your skin, hair, and bathing suit, but my legs are itchy(ier) than when I swam in a chlorine pool. My guess is that it's cheaper for them to maintain.

warm up: 4 x 75 easy
main set: 4 x 1000, each 1000 as: 1 x 750, 5 x 50 (rest 2:00)
cd: 200 easy

Total: 4500 meters (three miles!) in 1h 34m 05s.

The third 750 was boring, and the fourth was exhausting. The workout actually called for a 100 easy cd, but I just wanted to hit the 3 mi mark. :)

1 comment:

  1. isn't it less sanitary for them to use salt water? i'd be interested to find out why they made the switch (besides cost)