28 April 2009


[I almost didn't write this]

a list of all the gross things [I] we runners + triathletes do while training/ racing/ recovering:

  1. snot rockets on run
  2. peeing on the side of the road
  3. using the bathroom of a fancy resturant while wearing sweaty runners clothes
  4. wiping nose on shirt
  5. inhaling food at super(wo)man speeds
  6. peeing in the pool/ lake/ ocean/ river
  7. spitting in goggles
  8. snot rockets on bike
  9. chafing
  10. getting Body Glide in every nook and cranny. in transition.
  11. discussing saddle sores. in public.
  12. checking the color of your pee
  13. blisters
  14. blood blisters
  15. toenails. or lack thereof
  16. not showering after a 7 pm run because I'll have to shower anyhow after the 5:30 am swim

any that I missed ?


  1. Impressive list ;)

    Peeing in our wetsuit
    Peeing on the bike

    Damn we pee everywhere :p

  2. Good stuff Trish. Some how I have stayed clear of #1 and #8. I just never have to do that.

  3. uuuummmm,peeing on the BIKE! haha

    oh I do have racoon goggle eyes after lunch time swims.

  4. Whats wrong with peeing on the side of the road? We are all adults!! As my wife likes to say about men--the world is our toliet.

    I have to say that I am not typically guilty of 16. If given the option I will shower the sweat off of me prior to bed.

  5. Thanks for reminding me of all the bad things we do as triathletes Trish ;-)

  6. I can't snot rocket, but am impressed by others who can!

  7. As with some of the other comments, working IMFL last year in transition, the organizers handed out gloves to us because the pros (especially)pee all over their bikes and nasty things start growing in the hot sun....after 4 hours of fermenting... gross...

  8. Ah, peeing in the ocean is good times. Something about it just feels so right!

  9. There are two different kinds of wetsuit wearers....those that pee in them and those that lie about it.

    For some unknown reason I can snot rocket like a champ but totally unable to pee on the run/bike!

  10. I was hoping I would have not done at least one thing on that list, now walking down the hall with my head hangind down. Sighhhh!

  11. Times 2 on what Diesel said. Sigh...

  12. Thought of another: Our "relationship" with port-a-potties. They can be like a shining beacon in the dark (at times with angels singing above).

  13. I felt so bad the other night not showering after my run because I knew I'd have to shower again after my morning run!! I'm glad I'm not the only one going to be stinky!

  14. Two comments:

    1. Is there any other way to get warm in really cold water? If so, please let me know.

    2. I take way too many showers already without adding a before bed shower. I consider it being nice to my skin! I don't think my husband minds! ;)

  15. okay, do you really pee in the pool?

  16. PEEING in the POOL???? Ocean - yes, lake - yes, river - yes! Pool - NO!!

    Other than that I pretty much agree with the list, although I have never quite gottent the snot rocket thing down, so just use a tissue (or my cycle glove) So civilised.