04 April 2009

delightful swim + sunny run

nothing beats the feeling of a great swim.

[unfortunantly, that feeling has a cost: dragging ass out of bed at o'dark o'clock and leaving a warm bed for a cold pool.]

yesterday morning I had an amazing swim [after the not-so-amazing feeling of getting out of bed]:
2800.00 meters in 1h 00m //28s 02m 10s /100 meters
400 wu
3 x 200
8 x 25 kick
4 x 100
8 x 25 kick
5 x 50
100 easy
6 x 75 pull
200 cd

I love having a training program to follow -- it saves me from having to one of the four swim workouts I usually do.

this afternoon's run:
5.19 miles in 45m 08s // 08m 42s/Mi

good news: glorious weather - low 60s, sunny, blue skies.
better news: little to no foot pain !

tomorrow I will ride Columbia. I was going to ride it today but it was really windy --- and I haven't been outside on my bike since September. hilly course + wind + nervous rider = bad idea.

*trust the training, trust the plan*


  1. Good workout. I hate early mornings. Body just isn't ready to exhert itself.

  2. We're all so different. I workout early in the morning a lot and I just love it :)

  3. Nice job on the swim and run. Now that I started swimming I can really respect and envy your swim workouts! Glad you didn't experience any foot pain. Have fun on the ride tomorrow.

  4. Thanks....Not for the little races eh?

  5. Nice workouts!! I'm so glad the foot is feeling better.

  6. Hey, you got a new header for your blog? Dont remember the "Ironman" before. Looks good.

  7. Glad to hear no foot pain!....i might steal your swim workout :)

  8. Great swim Trish. Hope you got the ride in.