04 July 2009

r-b-r brick.

yesterday was my last go-hard-or-go-home-exhuasting-sweaty-give-it-all-you've-got workout before taper [madness].

I left for the B&A trail around 8:00 a. Can I just say how much I love my
Rocket Science Sports transition bag? [and no, I don't work for them/ am not sponsered by them ... or, um, anyone!]. It fits everything so perfectly. It was pricey, but if you are in the market for a new transition bag -- totally worth it.

The plan, per my BT sked:
run 9K
bike 1h 20m
run 9k hard + fast

kilometers? what is this, England? [or any other part of the world? ha]

oh, and I wore my fancy new jersey ! yay for eBay!

49m 18s
5.05 miles
09m 46s/Mi
8:30 AM

nice and slow and easy. surprisingly, this is only the second time I've trained on the B&A. it's a very nice trail - paved, many shady parts, pretty long (14 mi one way). I wish I had brought water with me -- I was getting really thirsty even though it wasn't that warm or humid.


2h 15m 02s
32.20 miles
14.31 Mi/hr
9:30 AM

there is something wrong w my front brake - it's rubbing against the wheel and I an't tweak it. no biggie though - I'm getting my bike packed up on tuesday by my LBS and I'll have them tune it up. anyhow, I felt really good in aero ! I'm still a weenie when it comes to turning / going downhill in aero but I'm getting better. sort of. there were a fair amount of people out but everyone - even the little kids - seemed to know the rules of the road ... stay on the right, pass on the left, etc.

<>I was shocked at how many people weren't wearing helmets. I know of quite a few people that would have split their heads open if not for a helmet. yes, it's a trail, no traffic, etc. but you never know. < / rant >.

I still need to figure out what I'm going to do for hydration at RI70.3. I only have one water bottle holder on and because my bike has such a small frame - 48 - it's a btich to get the bottle in and out of the holder. I think I'll have my LBS put on rear mounted water bottle holders. I can put my concentrated Infinit in one and water in the other, and then just refill with water at aid stations.

It was kind of lonely riding by myself but I figure that I'll have a few solitary long rides in training for IMCOZ and I should just get used to it.

52m 46s
6.15 miles
08m 35s/Mi
12:00 PM

I got off of the bike and changed out my shoes for the third part of this brick. I always feel so awkward and slow off of the bike but I'm actually faster... maybe because of the cadence on the bike? maybe because muscles are warm?

This was a really. hard. run. I had a 20 oz. water bottle but had to stop at mile 2.75 at a KFC to refill it. I kept a 8:30-8:40 pace and I was tired and hot and exhuasted but I pushed it and kept thinking KMF(keep moving forward - my motto) until the end.

Home and inhaled whatever food wasn't nailed down. I realized on my way home that I needed new running shoes and went to my LRS to get a new pair of
Asics Gel Nimbus 11. and then I slept. for quite a few hours.

and now: let taper madness begin !


  1. Woot! It's taper time!! I'm so excited for your. I'll be tracking you (if you give tracking info) come race day.

    Love the jersey! How is the sizing for that new jersey? I saw others from that brand myself and have considered getting one. Except that I have more jerseys than I need given my current riding habits. LOL

  2. I would love to track you too - please share. I <3 the new shoes - I acutally have those too! :) I'm going to guess that a hydration back-pack thing is out of the question ... because ... too heavy and would slow you down? too much trouble at/in transistion? Feel free to ed-u-kate me!

  3. speaking about water for the biking part; of course.

  4. Long time reader, first time poster... Good luck in your upcoming race! I am curious to see what you end up with for hydration on the bike. I am doing my first 70.3 in August (Steelhead in MI) and am still unsure how I am going to handle it. I figure that I will need 3-4 water bottles for the bike portion and can currently only carry two on my bike. There a supposed to be aid stations on the course, but I don't know how that works - whether or not you can refill water bottles there or what.

  5. I just hope you didn't grab some chicken while a KFC, that wouldn't help the running ;)

    And I am pretty sure you put it in km just for me ;) Thank you Trish!

    Great job on that brick.

  6. Nice brick, Trishie. What about your aero bottle? I thought you got one for your b-day?? For my race I'm going with just the aero and refilling from the course.

  7. I agree with the aero bottle. Best.thing.ever.

    Great workout!

  8. what an awesome brick workout and a lovely new jersey!

  9. Yes, get an aero bottle--you get an aero bottle and you really don't even need to carry any other water as I just fill up at the aid stations. Now, the option of having a back up in case isn't bad...but don't feel like you HAVE to carry a lot of extra water!