02 August 2008

brick saturday.

29m 32s
1640.42 yards
01m 48s /100 yards
3:30 PM

1 x 1500 (brick)
... felt good, typical swim. Had to share a lane. Don't like sharing lanes. Especially when the guy sharing the lane is doing a very big breastroke kick.

2h 00m 02s
31.60 miles
15.80 Mi/hr
4:20 PM
Trainer (brick)

... Two episodes of Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for the Next Elle Woods (I cried during the finale. Seriously.), one a half episodes of My Boys (both On Demand), one water bottle of water, one bottle of gatorade, and one GU. That about sums THAT up.

30m 18s
3.40 miles
08m 55s/Mi
6:35 PM
Felt GREAT after hard bike ride (brick)

... As always, faster than on runs that aren't after a bike ride. Shrug. Felt really good and fast, although the last hill was a killer. AND I got home about 5 minute before it started storming. Sweet.