22 August 2008

race picture and bike question.

North East Tri -- kicking it to the finish:

Thursday's run (pm):
48m 56s
5.33 miles
09m 11s/Mi
Friday's run (am):
33m 34s
3.62 miles
09m 16s/Mi

To say I am starting to get nervous about Savageman is putting it midly. I've been reading the forums on the Savageman website, and man-oh-man is the bike going to be ROUGH (total climb of 5940 ft).. I read what I thought was great advice in one of the posts: if this is your first HIM, treat it as an event and not a race. I am not going to stress about transition times, I am not going to stress about a slow average MPH on the bike, I am not going to stress about finishing in under x hours. I am going to enjoy it -- the agony and the joy of it -- and be grateful that I have the health and the means to participate in events like this.

The 55.7 mile bike course includes over 5,700 feet of climbing with both long gradual climbs and short, steep pitches. While the first 18 and final 10 miles are downhill or flat, all athletes should be forewarned that the climbing in the middle 30 miles is savage and relentless. All participants, no matter how strong, should consider a 27 tooth cassette or compact cranks. Weaker cyclists should consider a triple front chainring or risk walking their bike. -- I need some advice on this! Thoughts?


  1. Trish go to this blog and post the question to Chuckie V. He is the best and will be happy to answer your question.


  2. Advice?

    Heed their recommendation! The bike course is AWESOME but definitely really hard and some really STEEP hills. But the most beautiful ride you will ever do.

    Your attitude is perfect. Just enjoy the day and you can take great pride in just finishing. Save the racing and the ego for a different race!

  3. I just tripped along and found your blog...and I love it...you are very funny...so I am adding you to the blog roll for updates on this adventure...as for your bike...I too am on the search for a new bike and do very challenging climbs...

    As for recommendations when you are climbing (and I don't know your course...but I do know Wildflower 1/2 and Climb to Kaiser). A preferred triple for me is a 52/39/32, going down to just 34 will not give you the gearing that you need for climbing. Watch out for cassettes that are 12-25, mine is a 12-27, again more climbing gears.

    Go with a 10 speed, 8 & 9’s are outdated (and often on "sale"), they are getting ready to come out with 11 speeds soon. So parts are probably going to be hard to impossible to find for 8 & 9 speeds after a bit and you might want to change things up a bit.

    I would say you need a 12/27 cassette or not less than a 12/25 because later you can change it to a 12/27 if you want.

    Like I said, I don't know your course, but I do a fair amount of climbing and this is my recommendation...and what the hell do I know.

    I would stay away from compacts, these are really for racers and most people that swear by them are pretty much amazing to begin with, and they are really not for climbing. My advice which I am sure many will disagree with (so no haters please)try to find a light triple.

  4. you can do this trishie....go strong on the fast sections..and be even in your breathing and heart rate.... and steel yourself in your mind that you can climb the steeper inclines....

    you will do this....
    you already know that you can do it....
    awesome pic of you running.