18 August 2008

T1/ T2 and the day after.

Cascade Lake Sprint:
T1: 2:24
T2: 1:37

NorthEast Olympic:
T1: 3:52
T2: 3:38

AND I didn't have to peel off a wetsuit at NorthEast! I did, however, EAT half my peanut butter sandwhich in T1 ... and gave a GU to a girl in T2 ... but this is an area when I can easily drop around 3 minutes. It pains me a little to know that I was so close to breaking three hours -- had I had slightly faster transitions and gone a little faster on the bike (I don't think I could have dropped much time from the swim or the run) I would have done it.

I COULD have done it, possibly, at Annapolis ... if Annapolis still had a bike component. I really wanted to get in two Olys before Savageman HIM but that is not going to happen.

Yesterday I had a horrible headache that would not go away ... I tried more water, more gatorade, more salt, more caffine, more sugar, more tylenol. This morning I feel pretty good -- a tiny bit sore all over but barely.

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  1. great job!!!

    you'll get T1 and T2 next time! :)