30 August 2008

swim/ bike brick and HIM nutrition/ hydration plan.

39m 51s
2187.23 yards
01m 49s /100 yards
4:45 PM
500 wm
1 x 1500

1h 21m 04s
20.00 miles
14.80 Mi/hr
5:50 PM

I wish I could have worked on my TI transition, but short of setting up my bike trainer at the gym, it wasn't going to happen. I did have my bike set up at home and I changed quickly, so that will have to do.

I tried Accelerade today for the first time. It's not delicious, but it doesn't taste awful and I seem to tolerate it well. I've been using Gu (and tried the new Roctane today - flavor: Vanilla Orange - not bad, not bad) and Luna Moons without too much havoc on my stomach.

Plan for Savageman:
6:00 a.m.: oatmeal with honey, peanut butter, and almonds
7:30 a.m.: sport beans
8:00 a.m.: race starts!
T1: Gu and Accelerade
Bike: Drink every 10 minutes (alternate Accelerade and water), Eat every 45 minutes (alterate Luna Moons, Gu, and sport beans).
T2: Gu and Accelerade
Run: Drink every other mile (alternate sports drink and water), Gu every 45 minutes.

Thoughts on this?

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  1. Sorry about the delete above...the article link was working right.

    Hi Trish...I found your tri-blog via Sonia's tri-journal. Your nutrition plan looks great for your half IM that is coming up in a couple weeks time :-) Just as a fyi I found this article about nutrition while on the bike via Triathlete Mag online:

    My wife and I used this type of plan for Steelhead Half IM last month and it worked well for both of us especially the tapering down of fluid consumption in the last 30minutes of the bike portion...

    Also congrat's on the Cozumel IM sign-up!