01 May 2009

april showers.

april totals
swim: 20700 M in 7h 30m 38s
bike: 278.6 Mi in 17h 04m 52s
run: 92.45 Mi in 14h 10m 11s

total training: 38h 45m 41s


  1. Do you have a good place to do long rides? Not sure if you are on a program (this might be contradict it), but I found long rides to be very beneficial, even at the sacrifice of running and swimming.

    Have a good weekend

  2. Nice month, Trishie!! Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for all the (totally undeserved) Daddy props. Hopefully you'll get to meet the one and only 'Pounce at Cozumel.

  4. Excellent and fun post Trish!!! It sounds like you've found a compfort level with the riding!!! Glad you're enjoying it.