02 September 2009

happy run/ smooth swim/ fast bike

my past three training sessions have been amazing.

I think it's the weather... it's been mid 70s, sunny, and clear all week (unheard of in swampy Maryland).

last night I headed out for a 45-50 min run. all of baltimore, it seemed, was running (I don't know where these people are when it's 95* and humid or 30* and windy, but I digress). I met a bangel cat (beautiful animals) that lives with her owners on a boat. they live in texas but cruise all over and stay in each city for a couple months. the cat can swim ! also met two westies. people actually smiled/ waved back when I smiled/ waved. just a lovely happy run.
5.41 miles in 50m 17s // 09m 17s/Mi

this morning I dragged myself out of bed at 5:50 to swim. it was cold and it was dark and the warm comforter called to me.. but I ignored her siren call. when I got to the pool there was only one other person there. shocking, I know, since it was 55* this morning. swam a 200 and 8 x 50 for my warmup, a 1000 TT (19:23), and a 200 warm down. the air was chilly but the water was warm and I love seeing the sky turn a beautiful pink just before the sun comes up.
1800.00 meters in 36m 15s // 02m 01s /100 meters

tonight I met up with two people from
bt.com and one other guy (who really should just join) to ride the Columbia course. more amazing weather and an amazing course. saw the sun set over the fields in Tridelphia. saw horses, sheep, and a donkey. good conversation with delightful training buddies. fastest avg on that course for me .. ever.
25.20 miles in 1h 35m // 15.92 Mi/hr


  1. great work! I love your pictures!

  2. Sounds like 3 great workouts! The weather has been amazing. It is so nice to be able to breath.

  3. great workouts woman!
    are you an endless.com fan also?