18 November 2008

the plan, revised.

monday: swim (30-60 min) pm/ bike (30-75) pm
tuesday: 3-5 mi run
wednesday: swim (30-60 min) pm/ bike (30-75) pm
thursday: 3-5 mi run
friday: rest
saturday: 5-10 mi pace
sunday: 10-20 mi long run

this is the schedule until january 26, when my official training starts for IMC!


  1. So Monday and Tuesdays are bricks? I ask because I think I might coattail you a bit...

  2. You're doing Ironman Canada? I have friends who are doing it this year too. Awesome!! =)

  3. Ah C = Cozumel LOL

    Obviously a sunnier destination than Canada.. ;-)