03 November 2008

so much for that.

I was GOING to run at 6:00 a.m.

I didn't.

Sun set at 5:03 this evening. Left work at 5:30.

That left me with:

fortunantly, the beautiful folks on Gossip Girl kept me going, and I listened to my iPod during commercials. it really wasn't that bad.

stats: 5.06 miles in 46m 06s // 09m 07s/Mi

p-up challenge (w2d1): 14/ 14/ 10/ 10/ 16 [max].

tomorrow - Biggest Loser and the bike trainer.

[seriously, I schedule my winter workouts around tv.]


  1. will biggest loser be on??? isn't it election night???

  2. good idea (the TM)- I have one of those in the garage and I've been procrastinating tonight. I could end up like /on this! But the night is young and if I get to it .... brrrrr. 63-degrees out.

    Thanks for your goal setting info -something good for me to think about!!!

  3. I know .. 63-degress. big woo!

  4. JT is right I don't think BL is on tonight.

  5. I flipping love the biggest loser!