25 November 2008

long run.

I had my first long run of training on Sunday. I was kind of apprehensive -- the last time I ran anything over 6 miles was when I suffered through 13.1 at Savageman ... but I had a great run!

Because it's been a long time since I had a long run -- it had been a long time since I had downloaded an audiobook. I went to audible.com to download a new audiobook. It takes me FOREVER to pick one (if I'm going to be listening for something for 12+ hours, it better be (1) interesting, and (2) well read).

I downloaded New Moon, by Stephanie Meyers.

(mmmm sexy vampires)

Yes, of the Twilight series.


Don't laugh.

I happen to enjoy listening to what my friend refers to as "teenage vampire smut." And no, the books are nowhere near Harry Potter good, but they are enjoyable and the narrator is good.

It's funny how I can get bored/ tired at mile two of a three mile run ... but that feeling doesn't hit until mile 8/9 of a 10 mile run. All relative, of course.

I had decent weather -- a little chilly in the mid-high 30s but not too cold. I wore tights and a long sleeved tech tee and I had gloves with me. I wore the gloves when I was running near water and took them off when I wasn't.

I felt good at the end of the run -- not sore, not v. tired. I even felt good on Monday, although my upper body was a twinge tight.

Next week: 11 mi.

10.10 miles in 1h 34m 27s // 09m 21s/Mi.


  1. Sorry, but I AM laughing at your audio book choice. Just kidding.

    Nice run!! Have a good running winter!!

  2. not quite sure i get it but do you not want the photo outlined?

    if so, that's even easier. before I ramble on, is that what you mean??

  3. EASY!!!! It's really a url but just the outline, or boarder color which you can change, or eliminate in your custom settings.

    Go to, or click on "Customize" from the links at the very top right hand corner of your blog: yourname / new post / customize / login/out. Click customize and select "Fonts and Colors" under the layout tab. There will be a menu displayed for you to select your blog colors and basically, customize.

    Select from the menu where you'll see Page background color, text color, link color and keep scrolling until you see "Boarder Color". In your blog it looks like the boarder color is black so just change it to white (or your background color at the time - obviousy if you make your backround color red some day, make the boarder color red too =D) and save!!! :) View BLog, and voila! No outline.

  4. THPE-O alert OOPS! It's not a url. (not it is a url - it is not) LOL.

    Sorry - got a kitty here helping me type.

  5. hey..there i will try to figure out how i changed the picture and then will drop you a line...
    enjoy turkey day

  6. stupid me...i did not read the comments from lisie..
    she explains it pretty good...but not sure the cat cpi;d explain it though...haha

  7. Great run!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE HARRY POTTER! Maybe I should try that Twilight series....