16 November 2008

so long, speedo.

I swam competitively in high school.... not very fast, mind you ;), but competitively. I was a horrible freestyler but a decent breastroker (yes, ha.) and I made counties one year (I also got the flu two days before, swam anyhow, and had a horrible race, but I digress).

The whole swim team always voted on the team suit, and my senior year we chose a green (school's color) speedo with bubbles (I looked for a picture of it online, but to no avail). I wore a size 28. Correction: I wore a 30, but I stuffed myself into a 28 for racing. (I - and most of the other girls - had to wear the straps under our pits because the racing size HURT when the straps pressed into our shoulders). That particular season wasn't memorable but I have fond memories of high school swimming -- leaving class early on Tuesdays and Thursdays to drive to the pool, pasta parties, early morning swim meets, Boston Market turkey carver sandwhiches after those early morning swim meets, my mom the 'scorer', best times, finding out Saturday's line up on Thursday, crushes, friends.

I threw away that suit last week. (yes, amazing it still fit, but we can attribute that to the wonderful qualities of spandex).

I wanted to hold onto it -- for sentimental reasons, and because I hate buying new suits -- but the elastic was wearing thin and I was getting afraid of the straps wearing completely thin ... and, um, breaking while swimming.

It actually made me a little sad to toss it.
... but, out with the old and all that and so I ordered two cheap clubswim suits... how adorable are these?!

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  1. Very cute!! I can't believe you still had your school swimsuit AND were using it! Sounds pretty crazy but confirms speedo is a good brand!