02 November 2008

long time no blog.

hello to the four or five people that read this !

haven't blogged in a while because
1. I've been out of town at baby prosecutor's school, and
2. nothing interesting re: training has happened recently!

I've mostly been running, with a few (very few) swims and bike rides on the trainer thrown in.

Training for National starts in a couple weeks (Monday the 17), and I'm looking forward to having a training schedule again ... wee! Until then, will just be staying in shape.

Need to - finally - drag out my tights, gloves, mittens, and windbreakers.

Oh, and I got our neighborhood newsletter today -- a running group is forming! This is excellent news... perhaps I can avoid the treadmill all winter? A girl can dream ..


  1. A running group sounds exciting!! =) There is no better motivation to get out when a group of people is expecting you.

  2. How is the push up challenge going Trish?

  3. Yeah you are back! A running group sounds like fun. I still need to figure out my schedule, pick events, and then get training...

  4. I've been bad about posting too! Probably b/c I've barely been working out, ack. Need to work on that. Welcome back.

  5. I am avoiding the dreadmill as long as possible too Trish...winter is approaching much too quickly!