30 August 2009

totals and feelings.

IM training week 6
24 august - 30 august

in the water: 2500.00 M in 53m 30s [1 workout]
on bella: 132.30 Mi in 8h 28m 50s [4 workouts]
in my asics: 25.64 Mi in 4h 00m 34s [5 workouts]

total training time: 13h 22m 54s

thoughts as I head into week seven >

I am always
1. exhuasted
2. hungry
3. doing laundry

this is hard. I didn't think training would be a cakewalk (where did that expression come from? I will wikipedia it later) but I didn't realize what a jump it would be from HIM training.

I've been training for 6 weeks. I have 13 weeks to go. I CAN do this and I know I WILL do this but oh man am I feeling the effects of long rides, runs, and swims. The judge took a recess last week and I ran to my office to inhale two granola bars.

I'm fortunate that I've found some v. cool people to train with ... the only place I don't have a training buddy is in the pool, but I'm okay with that - it's mainly the long rides where I can use company.

Yesterday I rode 43 miles - Columbia + IronGirl - hilly. did a 4 mi trail run after that. today I rode Easton to Tilghman Island and back (51 mi and flat) and did a 5 mi run brick. that's 92
miles on the bike and 9 mi in my asics for the folks at home keeping score.

I did laundry on Friday and I'm doing a load now -- amazing how 2 1/2 days of workouts can acculumate so many stinky clothes !

my plan to supplement the training:
> More. Sleep! I'm needing 9 hours a night. [note to self: stop dicking around on
bt.com at night]
> Order
Recoverite. have heard very good things about it from a few people
> STRETCH ! yoga ? might join one of my buddies on BT for hot yoga once/ a month. use my Yoga for Triathletes DVD.
> Massages. would love to get these regularly. call the Balt School of Massage to get them on the cheap.

.. exactly 3 mo out from today. squeee!


  1. oh, oh, oh. I have the answer to your problem! I was always exhuasted and hungry last year. It's because I was not eating enough food on my long or hard training days. You probably need to eat more food!!!

  2. PS: also, eat enough calories during your workouts too. 200-300 per hour.

  3. good luck with this iron adventure.

    p.s. i do laundry every day. between husband & I doing some sort of exercise and two kids...the laundry room is always in action. lol

  4. Great week of training!

    Just think ... feeling tired now will just prepare you that much more for your next adventure ... parenthood! :)

  5. Congrats on a hard training week! Keep it up!

    To save you some time, according to Dictionary.Com:
    1. (formerly) a promenade or march, of black American origin, in which the couples with the most intricate or eccentric steps received cakes as prizes.
    2. a dance with a strutting step based on this promenade.
    3. music for this dance.
    4. Informal. something easy, sure, or certain.

  6. Sorry you are so sleepy, you are doing great. Enjoy this time and enjoy all the extra food you can eat! What is BT.com??

  7. i get sick of doing laundry almost every day just for my workout clothes. Im slowly buying more and more workout clothes so I only need to do one load/week. I have never figured out the cost of laundry of this sport.

  8. if i was near by, i'd sign up for the pool buddy position! good luck in the next few weeks, you know it's worth it in the end!

  9. Great job! My IM build begins tomorrow...I was trying to explain to my husband tonight how "remember all that tired/hungry/STARVING/*falls asleep at the drop of a hat*/DIDIMENTIONHUNGRY/lackofsexdrive/FEEDME!!! from 1/2 IM training? It's about to get a whole lot worse." I don't think he even grasps it...I barely do!

    Great job this week!

  10. You are doign a great job. I hate doing laundry, it never seems to go away. Keep on fueling your body, it needs all the calories.

  11. You'll get to a point where you "adjust." Sorta'. And that stink? I tell ya, I had to ride on the trainer on Sunday, 3 hours 15 minutes (and not one minute longer); by the time I was done, the whole house smelled like sweat. After dinner? Smelled like a sweaty burrito. Ewww! Febreeze is my new favorite product.

  12. Cake walk!!! [my definition] and in case you weren't kidding, it's like musical chairs; the exception, you walk around in circle to win a cake. If you land on a the marker when the moderator screams STOP! you get the cake. Physical reward: You stood and walked around a small circle. Calories benefit: You get whole cake. What you do with it is up to you! LOL!