29 September 2008


Tri season is over.

Marathon training for National hasn't started.

And I, my friends, am in a funk.

I don't do well with downtime. I'd rather be too busy than remotely bored. I'd rather be running around with ten items under four projects on todoist.com than sit sill.

My workouts have been sporadic which is not my style, and I need to get back on track and back into my groove.

[and sit patiently until training for National starts. and then training for Cozumel. and then I will be a happy girl!]


  1. trishie....

    the funk thing is normal as you can surmise....

    funny how we all need little routines to keep us going and focused on life....

  2. it's good to have the downtime after such a race of this magnitude especially with all the training over the last months & months...

    You will rebound soon Trish refreshed towards your next goal races :-)

  3. Ah the post race blues! I do miss it. Your body will be thankful for this downtime before you start marathon training... start another hobby... knitting or smth LOL