21 September 2008

I am Savagewoman - hear me roar!

Just the quick and dirty details, because:
1. I hurt
2. ... like hell
3. I'm exhuasted

tomorrow will be a full report with pictures and details, such as:
- talking to moo cows
- our motel
- ow my legs
- ow my arms
- ow my shoulders
- my jack russel pacer
- "killer miller"

- my husband, the world's best
- cookies, coke, and bananas
- sunglasses, or lack thereof
- and so, so much more

Number of female athletes: 41
Number of DNF female athletes: 8
Number of male athletes: 182
Number of DNF male athletes: 20

My finish: 08:31:01
My swim: 38:51
T1: 8:07 (included a long run up a hill)
My bike: 4:58:38 (so very very painful ... do you have any idea how steep 5-31* climbs are?!)
T2: 4:01
My run: 2:41:25


  1. WOOHOO!!! You did it!!!!!! =)

    Congratulations!!!!! Can't wait to read all the details!

  2. Congratulations Trish! That's freaking awesome. Can't wait for the full recap.

  3. Very, very nice done Trish and bigtime congratulation's on the Half IM finish...YES!

    Hope you are getting some well deserved rest :-)

  4. I thought I heard something. Sitting on edge of chair waiting on full report...

  5. Trish way to get those hills done. I couldn't imagine riding them. Can't wait to read the full report.