13 September 2008

taper madness.

I slept horribly last night .. my nerves about Savageman are really starting to set in! T minus 8 days, yeeps!

I started tapering last week, but the real taper starts Monday. Next week I have a bunch of bricks but they are really short (i.e. 15 swim, 15 bike, 15 run).

Yesterday I bought blue arm warmers. The swim is in a chilly lake (definitely wetsuit legal!) and the first 18 miles of the bike have a net downhill. And the race is in the moutains of Western Maryland in late September ... as of right now, the high in that are is 76 and the low is 53 (I have been obsessed, lately, with accuweather.com!). I'm debating throwing a bike jersey over my tri top for the bike, but I'm afraid I'll be too warm and I don't want to just chuck a pricey bike jersey. Thoughts?

Ack I am getting butterflies just writing this! For so long I was thinking that this "just" a half ironman. Well, based on my bike performance at the course a couple of weeks ago, I'm predicting my finish at 7:30-8:00.... that's a long time to race!

On todoist.com (the world's greatest website), I have a "project" for Savageman. Right now I have four things left to do:

1. get bike checked out, cleaned, etc. at Maryland's Campus Rec Center (my husband works there so all my bike maintenance is free. sweet!)
2. make a "to pack" list
3. make a "to bring" to race list
4. pack!
(5. chill out!)

Okay, off to set up my bike trainer and get to the pool. Today is a 45 min swim (continuously, at race pace), and a 90 min bike at RPE 3-4. Tomorrow is an 80 min run.


  1. Well I only virtually "know" you and I am freaking excited and proud of you. You are going to kick this 1/2 and feel good. I think it is absolutely adorable that your to do list contains making to do lists...now while you are working out I am going to check out that website

  2. Ahh taper madness!!

    I saw a lot of half IM today and it was hot here. I couldn't believe what they were about to do! I was only doing the sprint tri and that was more than enough for me!!

    You've done the training and you're going to do really well!

  3. OOooh I have butterflies for you! You will do awesome.

  4. 6 days left! Hope you're holding on and sleeping well!!

  5. Hope the butterflies are going away Trish since you posted this note. My wife and I were the same way for our 1st half IM at Steelhead this summer but once we dropped off our bikes in transition it ez'd out nerves for focusing on race day then :-)