17 September 2008

oh, good.

Email from yesterday, titled: 2008 SavageMan Triathlon Festival Athletes Guide.


The weather in Garrett County in mid to late September is typically very cool in the mornings. Average low is about 50 and average high around 70. All participants and spectators should expect cold temperatures early in the morning and dress accordingly. Last year's chilly morning in which athletes had to scrape frost from windshields was cooler than normal, but not extraordinarily so.

SavageMan Half participants start the bike with a long, shaded descent into Westernport. The cool temperatures, long descent, and wet clothes from the swim can combine to severely chill an underdressed athlete.

All SavageMan Half participants are strongly encouraged to put on excess clothing for the bike, including socks, gloves, arm warmers, and vest or jacket. A clothing drop will be provided in Westernport so athletes can shed excess clothing before the climbing begins in earnest. Please label/write your last name inside, or on, your clothing to be dropped - you will be able to identify and claim your clothes post-race in pre-sorted piles.


Very cool about the clothing drop --- I didn't want to discard a (pricey) jacket or long sleeved shirt and now I have more options for clothing.

I am excited and nervous and cannot WAIT for this weekend!

Also on my 'to pack' list:
  • jacket
  • long sleeved tech tee
  • charger for Garmin
  • charger for camera
  • photo ID/ wallet
  • cell phone


  1. it will be an awesome day....

    i just love the name...savageman....

  2. I am so excited for you I can hardly stand it!

    I love the name too...it is going to be a great shirt to wear around...not just a triathlete but a savageman...savage, I say...

  3. very great weather!! That's pretty cool about the clothes drop, sounds like a PITA for the volunteers tough lol

  4. Great news about the biking clothing drop-off area...definitely solves that issue.

    Your gonna have a great time Trish at the half IM this weekend :-)

    Enjoy the experience...